Dill Pickle Pot Roast

One of the popular recipes in our household and on this blog is Pepperoncini Pot Roast (also known as Mississippi Pot Roast). The mixture of ranch dressing, gravy mix, butter and spicy pepperoncinis is magic with a tender pot roast. So, when I read this recipe for Dill Pickle Pot Roast, I figured it had so many similarities that it was worth trying!

Dill Pickle Pot Roast

  • 1 beef chuck roast (we used sirloin tip this time)
  • 1 pkg Dry Ranch Dressing Mix
  • 1 pkg Dry Brown Gravy Mix
  • 6-8 Dill Pickles (this really doesn't have to be exact)
  • 3/4 cup water
  • 1 tbsp fresh/frozen dill (I say frozen bc I'm in Canada and freeze my dill at the end of the season). Again this doesn't have to be exact.
  • 6 whole garlic cloves
  • 2 tbsp butter
  1. Add the roast (fresh or frozen is fine) to the slow cooker. It's not necessary to brown it first but some people like to take the extra step for richer flavor (they're not wrong, it's really tasty when you do that first!)

  2. Add the ranch dressing mix and brown gravy mix on top.

  3. Add the garlic cloves on top of the roast or on the sides (if the roast is fresh, you can add some right into the meat with the help of a knife.)

  4. Add the pickles and dill.

  5. Add the water (you could also substitute the water for pickle juice but I didn't want to risk it being too salty)

  6. Add the butter. Then put the lid on, set on low, and cook for 8 hours.

We served this on top of baked potatoes, but it also would be good with mashed potatoes, rice, or cauliflower mash. In comparison to the Pepperoncini Pot Roast, this one isn’t spicy, and to me it lacked the intense flavour because of it (maybe that’s why it called for 6 garlic cloves). It’s good, and if you have kids that don’t like spicy food this would be the way to go. I’d suggest amping up the flavour with some salt, maybe some oregano and some cracked pepper on the roast before putting the lid on.


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