My Fabulous Life

Happy Mother’s Day

No professional, posed photo could capture every day life like a candid photo can.  If someone had shown me this photo 10 years ago when I was in the process of planning my wedding, I would have hugged them for showing me such a bright future.  I wish someone had shown me what the future had to hold, because I could have kept this photo and hugged it through the tears.

You see, the journey was not an easy one.  Elijah, our oldest, came into our lives after two years of infertility.  After hearing about countless friends and family getting pregnant and having babies, after avoiding baby showers because it hurt too much.

Nevaeh came into our lives after 2 miscarriages – heartbreak that I can’t explain to a person until they have been there.

Everleigh, precious Everleigh, was the ‘easy’ baby.  A pregnancy that surprised us and a delivery that was the biggest surprise because it ended in an unplanned c-section.

We’re not meant to have the pictures ahead of time though.  So, I had the tears and hope to go on.

This photo.  This is all that I could have hoped for in those days.  A simple walk with my 3 (THREE!!!) kids, my husband walking behind snapping a photo as we go.

This is the good life (and because I’m hormonal being post-partum that song by One Republic chokes me up for that reason!)

Happy Mother’s Day mamas ~ better go as I see my pancake breakfast is almost ready!  xoxo


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  • As another mother that has had a long battle with infertility as well, and now has 3 precious miracles to come out of that struggle, I know the heartache and the feelings that come with that journey.

    Nothing describes it better than “The Good Life”

    Happy Mother’s Day Tenille xxoo

  • A very touching post Frugal Mama!! I believe everything happens for a reason and your precious 3 babies came into your life when the time was right. Wishing you a very Happy Mother’s Day from the coast!

  • Awwww….I have tears too!!!
    As I begin my journey to (hopefully) pregnancy and child birth, I pray that everything works out for me but even if it doesn’t, I still have my Precious Delaney!!!!!
    Happy Mothers Day Tenille!

  • Happy Mother’s Day Tenille. It was hectic foe me also. It took 1 year to get pregnant and lost it at 11 weeks. Than after another year of waiting finally getting pregnant for good. It took 4 years to get the second in my arms. They are our very own little miracles… 🙂

  • Tenille, the tears are flowing. Thank you for sharing your family and your life with us. We never had a hard time getting pregnant but we have had a loss of a child during pregnancy. Life is fragile and unpredictable so enjoy every moment as you are. Congrats on a beautiful family!

  • What an amazing post! I didn’t know your story but I’m so glad that you have three blessings to call your own.

    Happy mothers day <3!



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