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Ellen and The Talk Celebrate Mothers Day With Giveaways!

Did anyone see Ellen on Friday?  She was hosting her annual Mothers Day giveaway show where she has an entire crowd of pregnant women that get gifted an incredible amount of products from companies!

Ok, I admit I was being a little cocky while watching (jealous 1-month post partum me) and commenting to my husband, “I worked with that brand…I have that,” to make myself feel better.  Then, of course, I saw the awesome Whirlpool Cabrio Washer and Dryer set they gave away (to every mom-to-be in the audience, wow!) and was silent after that (sigh, lol!)

The audience members were gifted everything from diapers to cribs.  When I noted the pandemonium after they learned they were each getting a new crib, I wondered how many of them (very far in their pregnancies for most) already had a crib though?  Isn’t a crib one of the first baby items most moms-to-be buy?

The answer, in my case, is that we didn’t buy a new crib this time around until I was about 7 months along, and our newborn isn’t anywhere near ready to sleep in it right now anyway.

Selection was very limited in stores when I was shopping for my first, and this time around I didn’t let that hold me back.  I started looking online for most baby products and found several companies that feature baby cribs and will ship it to you direct, even to Canada!

I found this and other cribs from da vinci online at and the prices wouldn’t put you in danger of early labor from the shock either (the one on the right here is only $279 and it’s a convertible crib too!)

If you are looking for something specific to your style, I even found da vinci cribs in black and white to suit your decor.

CBS’s The Talk had an April Baby Showers episode recently too where pregnant moms in the audience were gifted items as well.  It seems now is the time to be pregnant and knocking on the doors of studios to be a part of the audience!

If you were one of the gazillion moms that couldn’t be there, you can still win, however.  Click  to learn more on how you can enter to win 1 of 18 prize packs from The Talk, and also how you can enter to win Ellen’s Amazing Mother’s Day Giveaways as well!

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