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More Thoughts on a Kitchen Island

A week or so ago, I wrote a post about our second honey-do project in the house right now, the kitchen island.  My husband has been busy figuring out exactly where it will go (even taping the floor for me in a CSI style layout so I could see exactly where it will go) and we’ve been debating various options like if the breakfast bar will be raised or not, or whether the island itself will be a permanent fixture in the kitchen or somethign that could be easily removed.

I stumbled upon a website featuring kitchen, island and microwave carts and discovered what might be the perfect solution for us.  A kitchen cart isn’t necessarily a cart on wheels (though some do have wheels) but can look like the photo to the left and look like an actual kitchen island.  Kitchen carts are also relatively inexpensive compared to what a custom kitchen island would cost so that appeals to me too.

Plus, the site I discovered this one on ( even ships to Canada and they offer free shipping on select items.

So now we have some decisions to make.  My husband will have to price out the custom island we’d like and then we will have to determine which is the better route to go.  I’d rather have drawers that cupboard doors, for example, but is that worth a huge difference in price if it comes down to that?


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  • The one on the picture looks nice. My breakfast counter on my island is table level. I don’t find myself confortable on a high stool and for young kids it’s much more safer when it’s not that high. I do love my drawers. I have big ones to put the pots and pans in. Make yourself a list of all the pros and cons of each solution. BTW my oldest at 3 broke his collar bone falling of of the computer chair. Their bones are not bigger than chicken bones at that age. Maybe that’s why I don’t like high stool 🙂

  • I’m excited to see what you choose…I think they both sound like great ideas, good luck with whichever you choose 🙂 I’m sure either will be gorgeous!!