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Loop-De-Loo Foam Bed Rail Bumpers Review

By Brittany Caffet

There are certain milestones that every parent equally looks forward to and dreads. Your child’s first tooth, when they start moving around the house on their own, potty training, etc. We look forward to them because they mean that our babies are growing up , but dread them because of the difficulties that tend to come along with them. With those first teeth comes teething pain, moving around the house means baby proofing and potty training…we all know what comes along with that one!

We recently tackled a big milestone that we were dreading – moving Elizabeth out of her crib and into a big girl bed! We initially used a traditional bed barrier on her bed, but found she was using the hard rail as more of a jungle gym than anything else. I was so excited when our Loop-De-Loo foam bed rail bumpers arrived!

The Loop-De-Loo foam bed rail bumpers ($69.95 from are absolutely perfect for any child’s big kid bed. The fabric cover on the bumpers is machine washable, a huge plus for any parent of a toddler! The install only takes a few seconds – simply tuck them in under the bottom sheet and you’re done! They are designed to stay exactly where you put them, so I’m not at all worried about them slipping and her tumbling out of bed. They fit any size of mattress and are so soft and snuggly. Elizabeth says her bed feels like a cozy nest. You can tell that she feels really safe and secure in her bed with these rails in place, and that gives me such peace of mind when we tuck her in each night.

Elizabeth has done so well with the transition from her crib to her big girl bed. She is sleeping so well each and every night and thanks to her Loop-De-Loo foam bed rail bumpers, I am too!

Look for Loop-Dee-Loo Foam Bed Rail Bumpers at

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