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Playtime With Playmobil

If you, like me, have been looking for new toys and ideas to spark imagination and pass the sometimes long days at home, Playmobil has a huge assortment of products to help! We were sent two sets from Playmobil recently and my girls have had fun building them and role-playing with the sets. The best part is yet to come – my 12 year old regularly takes Playmobil gift sets with her in her “babysitting kit”, so when we’re finally able to be back to regular life again (wow, it’s going to be weird looking back on these posts in years to come), she can bring these along for little ones to play with as well!

First up, playmobil Fairies With Toadstool House! Visit the magical fairy world at their Toadstool House. Here, the fairies use their powers to look after their unicorn friends, using leaf bandages to wrap up any wounds and special potions to help them heal.

In the giant toadstool home, the fairies live upstairs while the unicorns can find shelter in the base. Pick some golden apples from the tree, and you’ve got a delicious snack for both the fairies and unicorns.

Set includes one adult fairy, two child fairies, unicorn, unicorn foals, potion bottles, golden chest, bandage and grooming tools, duck pond, and other fun accessories. Recommended for ages four to ten.

Look for the playmobil Fairies With Toadstool house at,, and Unfortunately at the date of publishing this post I’m not finding it in stock anywhere, but hopefully they will restock this one soon.

Next, the playmobil Country Horse Paddock! Gallop into lots of fun with the PLAYMOBIL Horse Paddock Super Set.

With white picket fencing and stable area, this paddock offers a safe haven for your horses.

Groom and care for the horses with this easy-to-assemble set! The playmobil Country Paddock can be found online at ($25.86), ($29.99) and ($29.99).

One lucky reader is going to win their choice of either of the 2 playsets above from playmobil! Due to the delay in shipping, please note that it may take longer than usual for your prize to arrive once shipped.

To enter to win, just fill in the form below with your name and email address and click BEGIN! Then, just leave a comment on this post sharing how your family is doing (I really do want to know, are you all doing ok?) and how a playmobil set would help cure some boredom in your household.


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  • We are all doing fine here, thanks for asking. 🙂
    I would love to win this set for our new grandsons for when they can finally come over again.

  • All doing fine, hubby and son working from home, daughter working on finishing grade 12 courses online! a Play Mobile set would be fun for the granddaughter once they are all allowed to visit again!!!

  • We’re all well thanks, but are extremely concerned about our Mom and oldest sister that are both in the same Long Term Residence,. It’s been hard hit with cases of COVID19 in their staff and residents, plus they’ve experienced the loss of 4 residents.

    A Playmobil set will help cure the boredom for my grandson and his cousins to enjoy.

    • It varies day to day. Some days just can’t get the dishes done ontop of feeding, caring, entertaining kids and trying to work. Meh.

      But it won’t be forever & we.are doing our best.

  • we’re doing great. We have the great outdoors to enjoy. Not a lot of people around here in the country. one negative, i can’t go get the after Easter chocolate sales

  • My family is doing fine we live in a rural area so we have plenty of room for our social distancing. I miss spending time with my children and grandchildren but want them safe. So we are hanging in there.

  • We are doing ok here, but we may end up getting ‘chonky’ … we are really missing our sports. We have taken up puzzle building so that helps. As soon as this pesky snow melts we’ll set up a badminton/pickleball court in the driveway (and maybe volleyball!). A new playmobil toyset would arouse some interest around here too! Hope you are doing alright too!

  • We’re doing okay. Not good, not bad. Our kids (and family) live in town, and hubby and I live with our oldest son and wife. So we aren’t totally alone, and help each other putting in our huge gardens, making meals together, etc. But our 4 grandbabies live in town, and we haven’t seen them for 2 months. Yes, we Skype, and the kids send lots of photos. But it just isn’t the same. The youngest granddaughter began to sit…now, crawl. Soon, she will take her first steps. I miss them so much.

  • We’re doing okay. My twins kindergarten teacher stopped by this morning with packages for the kids to keep them busy at home and their things from school. They were pretty excited. My oldest is using Kids Messenger a lot to keep in touch with her friends. She really misses them.

  • I forgot to answer the second question… All 3 of my kids love Playmobil. A new set or two would cure some boredom because new toys, especially ones that encourage imaginative play, always get them excited.

  • We are doing ok. My kids are sad about not being able to play with friends but we are trying to keep them busy playing games and working on projects. Some new Playmobil would be a nice new distraction.

  • We are doing ok but the children are asking for toy horses !!! Little ones and I have been looking and these would be perfect!

  • Yes, we are all doing fine here. It is difficult , I miss my granddaughters, we do video chat everyday but they are a big part of our life. I also miss Aquafit and started to do stretch band exercise for my back , to keep my muscle moving . My body is feeling it, it is not the same. I also walk but was doing that before with Aquafit.

  • We are doing ok. Staying home, only going out for groceries or if something is needed for the house. We are all getting bored. I am sad for my two teen boys. My youngest will be missing out on his gr8 grad (and he might have been valedictorian). My oldest is missing out on an important year in high school (gr 11)

  • We are doing fine but missing our Grandkids terribly, one of these Playmobil sets would surely put a smile on their faces!

  • Doing okay finally, there was some illness, but all is well! Great playmobil sets to perk up the spirits of little grandkids and special needs kids I work with 🙂

  • We are doing okay- good days and bad days, but realizing we have to make the best of it and Playmobil would give added fun and playtime.

  • We are doing well and feel fortunate to live in the country we do! It is tough on the grandkids not coming to visit, but I cannot imagine this occurring before the days of such technology.

  • We’re doing good and watching lots of TV. My niece would love because she could play with something new

  • We are doing well here but miss kids and grandchildren. They would love a new Playmobil set when we finally see them.

  • We are doing ok and adjusting to this new way of life. I’ve been doing more baking than usual but have to ration the flour now as it seems to be hard to find.
    The Playmobil set would be for my niece. I’m sure it would bring her much joy!

  • It’s definitely an adjustment, but you do what you need to do to get through. I know a little girl that would adore this!

  • We are missing our grandchildren so much. They send cute drawings and videos to us which is nice. My youngest grandson’s birthday is next week and he is missing his friends. The small things like a hug and reading a story or watching a movie together are the things I miss. Hope you and your family are doing well.

  • We’re doing okay and starting to go through all the old toys again. A new toy would be refreshing! We have a few Playmobil sets and love them.

  • We are doing pretty well staying home doing our best to keeping family & friends & strangers healthy. Its been a learning curve for everyone. As soon as it gets milder I am going to try gathering wild yeast for bread, that takes time patience & a little luck. I have the time. This Playmobil set would delight my little granddaughter and I could share my love of horses & riding with her. It will fuel her imagination & love of animals and its a way to connect while we are apart. Probably play with it in her tutu or princess dress!

  • We are doing fine here. Really we are just missing our grandchildren terribly. Thank goodness for facetime. This would give my little granddaughter something to do while her brother is doing school work.

  • we are all doing good, my niece doesn’t visit as much as usualy but she would love to play with this set it would keep her busy for hrs

  • Hi hun!! we are doing ok over here. truthfully the first week was the WORST and my most emotional and that was just supposed to be “march break”. I was doing ok until I read the kids most likely wouldnt be going back this school year and I broke down. It made this all more real. Since then i have lost track of time and now we are 5 weeks in. it’s crazy. I have never set a routine with the girls and just make sure they do their school work first thing in the morn so they can have the rest of the day to do whatever but i make sure to throw in some fun things with them like baking, cooking, making playdoh etc. they definitely could use more to do around here though and only have one playmobil item so this would be perfect. hope all is well with you and your family

  • We are thankful to be safe at home together. The kids are having a hard time not seeing friends and family. But we are hanging in there. Getting creative helps distract our minds, and this set would help a lot. Thanks for the chance

  • We are coping. We are doing the best we can with the situation we are in. We are all in this together. This set would help with our boredom because it would give us something fun to play with

  • We are all doing well but I do miss my grandchildren a lot. These playmobil sets would be so entertaining for my grandchildren to help with the boredom.

  • Depends on the day. Some days are fine, but others not so much 😉 A playset like this would be something new and fun for the kids to play with.

  • Hanging in. Last few days have been tougher. Think the girls are going a bit stir crazy and butting heads more.

  • Our family is doing ok. We are missing our friends and family, but thankful we live in a rural area and can spend time outdoors on our yard.My kids would love a new toy to play with.

  • We are all doing OK. Fortunately on the West Coast we have lots of amazing places to go for walks. We also do a lot of craft projects with my daughter. I have always loved Playmobil for it’s imaginative play which would definitely be a boredom buster right now!

  • we are doing ok. I miss the grand daughters. If I won I would give them this prize, they are 6 and 8 years old and they are missing me and their friends. I know if they got this they would love it and have fun building it and have hours of fun.

  • Doing ok most days! 5 of us in the house and we all seem to take turns with things and try and make the best with what weve for!

  • Doing just fine. My family is away, so we are connecting more often to check in on each other. I miss getting out for a dinner, few glasses of wine and a few card games with my in-laws. Groom and care for the horses would keep the little ones busy in my son’s household.

  • We are doing ok. I am nearly 6 months pregnant, working full-time from home with a 2.5 year old! Would love a new toy to help keep him entertained during the day – we are relying on TV far too much 🙁 Thanks for the fun giveaway! 🙂

  • We are doing o.k. Just wanting my life back. Hate the anxiety of going to the grocery store. The playmobil set would be wonderful for our Grandchildren but of course I would have to mail it to them.

  • We are doing okay. It’s very hard on my kids because they want to go to the playground and they can’t. But we are doing our best.

    My kids would love the playmobil Country Horse Paddock! It would definitely cure some boredom and keep them busy (and I love that it is not related to a screen!!)

  • Pretty quiet over here, hanging out, online shopping, Netflix, Disney Plus, some bike rides and walks. I would love to win this for my daughter!

  • We are doing pretty good at the beginning of the day and then something always needed for home adventures especially when the sun is shining and the weather is so welcoming. Playmobil sets would be very helpful to keep kids busy, since they like them so much!

  • Doing ok. Hubby is laid off and im glad because he has heart disease and is immune comprimised. Our daughter is home with him , shes in kindergarten french immersian which poses a challenge. I am a support worker at an extended care home so my work is busier due to increased diligence to preventing it. I do shopping once a week. I am really starting to miss seeing my family though. I hope you are well

  • I’ll be honest. I guess I am ok. I’m a nurse, and my husband with working with a pharmacy, so with the 2 of us as front line workers, we do not take any chances in mingling with the public. The only interaction with people are my patients. I miss my daughter and grandson terribly. I lost my grand nephew and not allowed to go to his funeral, so I am do not have closure.
    What keeps me going is we are healthy, on the most part seeing people keeping their distance, and some day this will be a bad memory.
    To answer that question again….I’m doing as well as can be expected.

  • First of all I would like to say how proud I am of all Canadians. We as a country are doing our part above and beyond.
    My family is doing well. Back to basics in a lot of cases. I have a new grandson, six weeks old, whom I see via Skype. We are all helping out with meals etc. It is amazing actually how this has brought families back together. Great to see.

  • we are doing great most days. The boredom is setting in and alot of complaining from the kids is happening. This set would be great to keep them busy with something they love to play with

  • We’re all going a bit cross-eyed, but overall, okay…trying to ‘home school’ both kids online while we both work full time from home is craziness!

  • We are doing okay – the social isolation is honestly the hardest. My daughter misses all of her activities and sports with her friends, as well as school.

    She would love a Playmobil set to help enhance her imaginative play! We could all use something new to focus on – setting up a Playmobil set, and the play that follows, would be welcome relief!

  • We are doing good. We try to get outside daily and play games. As time has gone on my 4 kids have been finding ways to keep themselves entertained and daily learning is now a good routine and breaks up the day. A new play mobile set would give the younger ones something new to play with and add an extra bit of happiness to their day

  • We are doing fine but my granddaughter is really upset, she misses school and her friends, she just does not understand, but they have been keeping busy with doing school work and cleaning

  • We are doing well overall. We are struggling a bit with the homeschooling but my husband is still working so our routines have stayed in place fairly well. The kids are definitely getting bored of their same old toys so this would be a nice surprise for them.

  • I forgot to add that we are doing fine – we are very thankful that we live on a farm and have so much outdoor space to enjoy…but on the cold, wet, rainy days new playmobil would be amazing!

  • We are all doing fine. My husband and I are both first responders/essential services, so life hasn’t really changed for us other than heightened anxiety.
    This toy would help us during the weekends when we are home with the baby and the toddler, trying to find things to do within our own home and yard!