Thanksgiving Recipes You Can Depend On

It sounds like a no-brainer, but you don’t want to be figuring out your menu in the days leading up to the get-together when grocery stores are packed and you’ve got a million other things on your list. Turkey is always the go-to for Thanksgiving of course, and here are some of my favorite recipes for dependable appetizers, side dishes and desserts that are easy and won’t let you down.

Of course, a functional workspace is essential too (have I mentioned how much I love my newly renovated kitchen?) and having the right tools, including efficient appliances that won’t let you down, makes your holiday prep seamless! Maytag offers a full range of kitchen appliances built with dependability and power in mind. Maytag knows how much your family depends on you to run a well-organized household, and you can depend on Maytag to help with a range of features. See how below!

As your guests arrive, have this Pumpkin Spice Latte ready to greet them! This recipe makes 2 mugs at a time, but you can of course adjust to your number of guests!

For a hearty and comforting appetizer, try out this Cabbage Roll Soup recipe! The cheat is using coleslaw mix instead of shredding up a head of cabbage, saving you time. You can opt to use a table cloth and cloth napkins, knowing that Maytag’s Extra-Large Capacity Top Load Washer has the PowerWash system to remove everyday tough stains in a single wash using the PowerWash cycle. Maytag’s Extra-Large Capacity Dryer also has Steam Refresh which reduces wrinkles by using a fine mist in the heated dryer drum to relax wrinkles and revive items without washing, , making your table cloths and napkins perfectly pressed and ready to go.

If you have fresh dill and potatoes from the garden, or have a local farmer’s market with a bountiful for you, try this recipe for delicious Creamy Dill Potatoes instead of mashed potatoes with your turkey (or make both!) The secret of course is in the sauce, which takes no time at all. If it over-boils, you’ll have a mess, so keep a close eye on it. These are the moments when, Maytag’s Fingerprint-Resistant Stainless Steel on all Maytag kitchen appliances would be a mom’s best friend! Remember that a watchful eye will ensure an amazing go-to side dish for holidays to come!

Instead of dinner buns, jazz up the table a bit with these delicious Cheddar Biscuits that you can make ahead of time to wow your guests. They’re really easy too but I suggest making a triple batch if making ahead, as the family won’t be able to keep their hands off them when they come out of the oven! You can whip these up in a hurry if you need to as well, with the Maytag Front-Control Range. It has Power Preheat, which lets you enjoy dinner faster with juicy flavor every time!

Instead of pie for dessert, why not try this Pumpkin Spice Dip served with graham crackers instead? Your guests can nibble on dessert and coffee while visiting hours after the meal is complete.

No worries if you feel like your kitchen is heating up while you’re opening and closing the fridge – the Maytag Four-Door Refrigerator features PowerCold! This feature chills the refrigerator compartments quickly—even if the whole family has been browsing with the door open.

Of course, no one wants to be up to their elbows washing dishes in the sink, and that’s where the Maytag Top Control Dishwasher becomes your Thanksgiving little blessing. Use the PowerBlast Cycle to remove stuck-on food with high pressure spray jets, increased temperature and hot steam to finish the job – all while you sit back and enjoy your dessert and praise for a delicious dinner.

Whirlpool has compensated me for my services and my posts, but all posts represent my own opinion.




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