A Nutritional Boost – From Peanuts!

Back to school means back to routine, packing lunches, running to activities, and ensuring we all stay healthy now that everyone is indoors more and in close quarters. My oldest child is playing football and my daughters are in swimming so ensuring they have the energy needed to get through the day and activities is important too.

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Because peanuts (and other nuts) are prohibited in schools due to allergies, many families often overlook peanuts as a snack alternative at home after school, on the weekends, or on the go simply because they may not be top of mind on our snack lists based on school lunches.

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Peanuts have more protein than any other nut. Being a little protein powerhouse, the protein in peanuts helps to build and repair muscles (important for little football superstars or swimming divas as the case may be!) Peanuts also have a unique combination of fibre and monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, so they can help keep you feeling full and satisfied. I like that for on-the-go parents like me! A handful of peanuts in the car may indeed keep me out of the drive-thru line on the way home from an activity drop-off!

Recently, I shared someΒ  great tips for adding peanuts to the household snacking rotation, and how to eat peanut products on the go (activity drop-off-driver is my new title this fall!). Check it out here:

This serving size of peanuts (1/4 cup) is a excellent source of magnesium, manganese, niacin and Vitamin E, a good source of folate, as well as a source of fibre, iron, thiamine, Vitamin B6, zinc, copper, selenium, phosphorus and pantothenic acid. Plus, it contains no sodium or cholesterol. This is definitely a reason to bring peanuts back into your pantry, beyond the peanut butter staple that many of us have.

In fact, 83% of Canadians say they eat peanut butter spread on bread, toast or baked snacks making it the most preferred consumption method (with 1 in 3 Canadians saying they eat it right out of the jar). While perfect for those type of snacking moments, the Peanut Bureau of Canada has some great recipe ideas for ways to incorporate peanuts into your daily snacks:

Mexican-Style Breakfast Sandwich

This Mexican-Style Breakfast Sandwich kicks up your breakfast a notch (or ten!) with a multitude of flavors (and you’ll need a multitude of napkins too!)

Double Peanut Granola Bars

Double Peanut Granola Bars make a great after school snack, and making them at home means you can control the sugar added. These ones utilize liquid honey and brown sugar.

Five-Spice Peanut and Pumpkin Muffins

I couldn’t wait to make these Five-Spice and Pumpkin Muffins; after all, tis the season for pumpkin everything! Utilizing peanuts and pumpkin seeds, these muffins have plenty of crunch and delicious, festive fall flavour within.

The Peanut Bureau of Canada website has these and many (many!) more recipes to inspire you this fall for snacking and meal time. Who knew one little nut could pack such a nutritional and filling punch?


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