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Betty Ann Heggie

What’s Holding You Back?

I've become aware that I have some negative perceptions of myself. We all do sometimes, I know. As loud as I can be on some topics, unphased by negative comments, the ridiculous thing is that - I have a hard time taking a compliment! It's true! I can … [Read More...]

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Et Tu, Cali?

Our labradoodle Cali, turning two-years-old next month, is generally a pretty good doggie. We've trained her well, and always get compliments on her demeanor. When we moved into our new house a year ago, one of my biggest concerns was ensuring she … [Read More...]


Hit ‘Em Where It Hurts

Living in Saskatchewan, we joke that we have a provincial bird. It's called the mosquito. Our population of mosquitoes can get so big in numbers and size, that summers are often spent battling them, waging war as the case may be. If there's a product … [Read More...]

Seventh Generation products

Seventh Generation Giveaway

By Lise Merle... I’ve been thinking a lot about legacy lately. And just  as the decisions my ancestors made ultimately resulted in me being exactly the place I am now, the choices I make and the actions I take will ripple down to my kids, their … [Read More...]

Disney Yacht Club Hotel and Resort

Family Fun in Florida

Florida is a great destination for travellers of all ages, and its many attractions make it the perfect place to head for some family fun. Whether you’re a group that prefers exploring the outdoors and observing wildlife, relaxing on tropical … [Read More...]


Pink Lemonade Ice Cream!

Every town seems to have a favorite ice cream spot. No, I'm not talking about the big chain restaurants, which surely have some spectacular treats, I mean those little independently owned ice cream shops that are only open seasonally, that we wait … [Read More...]

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7500 Athletes are Preparing for the PAN AM Games #PerformanceCounts

It just happened this summer. For the first time, I noticed a funk in my house and it took me a few days to pinpoint it. It turns out it was coming from my eleven-year-old son's socks, a result of stinky sweaty football cleats. And there it is. The … [Read More...]

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Limeapple Summer Clearance

It's only July and already the deals are super hot! Zip on over to Limeapple.ca on Wednesday July 1st and save big! All Summer Boutique items including tops, bottoms, dresses and swimwear are buy one get one free! Now is the time to pick up some … [Read More...]

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By Lisa Dutton New to mastermindtoys.com and just in time for summer - the Tucker ‘Crush-It’ Baseball Bat! This is no basic bat - it is designed to help kids hit it out of the park! This adjustable bat offers lightweight power similar to a … [Read More...]

Treehouse Go

Traveling This Summer? TreehouseGo!

In the last few days of school, the conversation among moms inevitably turns to, "are you going anywhere this summer?" We're part jealous, part hopeful they're not so we have some mommy-refuge, and part curious because we want to travel as well. Moms … [Read More...]

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Kandoo Kids Giveaway #KandooKids

We're at the end of June, the official potty training month. I know all parents wish that potty training was a month-long process as well but for many that's simply not the case. With starts, bumps, restarts, regression and sometimes simply giving up … [Read More...]

TMNT Pulverizor Power

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Pulverizer Power

  By Lise Merle They’re back and as awesome as ever – Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo are experiencing a renaissance (ha. See what I did there?) and are being rediscovered by a new generation of kids! In Teenage Mutant … [Read More...]