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The Morning After The Night Before

It’s unfortunate that the morning after the night before has taken on a whole new meaning in my late thirties. After the literal meaning of my bar-hopping days, the morning after the night before held a whole new meaning with a newborn in the house. … [Read More...]

LNBF review

No Frump (No Footprints!), All Fabulous

By Lisa Dutton... Years ago before I had children, I remember saying to myself “I will never be a frumpy mom.” Fast forward about 10 years and 2 kids… and there I was, a frumpy mom. As a busy mother of 2 little boys, I NEED to be comfortable … [Read More...]


It’s a Fisher-Price #FPMomsTop10 Twitter Party!

"Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away." That was a quote that was displayed in our household when my second child was born and one I looked at often in those years. Now, two houses later and … [Read More...]


Michael Todd Soniclear Antimicrobial Sonic Cleansing System Review

By Lise Merle... It would be safe to say that I've been neglecting my skin over the past several months. Dry and dull, I was due for a facial makeover that included more than just slapping on a quick layer of moisturizer and running to tend to … [Read More...]

#UrbanBarnBarrhaven Twitter Party Promo Tile (revised)

It’s An Urban Barn Twitter Party!

More than any other time of the year, spring makes me want to decorate all the things! Yes, the fall and holidays certainly get us into the decorating spirit, but after a long bitterly cold winter, spring is full of renewal and promise and it's … [Read More...]


Do You Know a Cold Weather Hero?

Living on the Canadian prairies, I'll share something with my readers out east, particularly Ontario. We snicker when you get dumped with snow. And we make jokes about you on radio and TV when it dips to anything below -20 and your community is in … [Read More...]

nutella giveaway!win a personalized jar

How Do You Add a Little Joy to Breakfast?

How are your mornings, mom? I don't mean after the kids are out the door, that first delicious cup of coffee while listening to the radio and turning on your computer for the first time that day. I mean, the hour before that when the house is a … [Read More...]

Perryton's Wheatheart Redeo

Giddy Up!

Growing up on the Canadian prairies, it’s safe to say that here in Saskatchewan we’re a little bit (OK a lot!) country! Farming is a main industry and if you didn’t grow up on a farm yourself, you had cousins that did and were exposed to – and … [Read More...]

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“Do you know where the extra batteries are?”

Our frosty winter has certainly instilled in me the drive to ensure that my errands are efficient and infrequent (who wants to be out at thirty below more than they have to?!) While wishing for the snow to melt, I'm thinking ahead to our first spring … [Read More...]

spring break travel packing tips

Are You Flying This Spring Break? Follow These Security Screening Tips

If you’re like the thousands of Canadians who will take to the air for a vacation this spring break, the Canadian Air Transport Security (CATSA) has advice that will help you go through security in no time. Family Friendly Tips Good news! When … [Read More...]


Do Laundry From Your Smartphone? Yes, yes really!

If you've shopped for new appliances lately you may have (OK for sure) noticed that with technology comes...well, overload. With so many options not only does getting a new appliance mean there's a learning curve, it also means that once you've got … [Read More...]


Perception and Relationships

Once again, Betty Ann Heggie has given me so much food for thought, I may have to put myself on a diet! Here's why. This month, her blog post started with Betty Ann sharing her experience on the reality TV series "Who Lives Here?"  If you've seen … [Read More...]