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A P&G Giveaway to Put a Spring in Your
Bloodline on Netflix

When First We Practice To Deceive! #StreamTeam

My birthday gift is the gift that keeps on giving. You see, in our new house we're still in the process of figuring out what works, what we'd like to change, and what we absolutely love. In my case, our en suite bathroom has become my refuge because … [Read More...]

hamilton beach flex brew

What’s Your Family’s Coffee Story?

There was life before kids (LBK) and life after kids (LAK) in our household. My son, almost 11, wrinkles his nose at our morning coffee and each and every single time that he does that, I tell him that my coffee love is all because of him. You … [Read More...]

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Tick Tock! Join Us for #FileFreeOnline Wednesday with H&R Block

It's the final countdown, people. The tax deadline is looming and many of us are still avoiding opening our T4 envelopes and giving a side-eye to that drawer of receipts. I know, doing your taxes isn't much fun but it's one of the certain things … [Read More...]

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Toy Testing Council Shuts Down…And None of Us Are Surprised

The title of a news story on Global News captured my attention: Toy testing council shuts down, leaving parents to their own best guesses. Established over 60 years ago (yep...) the CCTC enlisted volunteer families each year to test new toys, then … [Read More...]


New From Cloud b Twilight Noah’s Ark

By Lise Merle... When our now 3 year old was born, one of the gifts we received that's still getting used every night and travels everywhere we do is the Twilight Turtle by Cloud b. And now that we've added three more babies in addition to our … [Read More...]

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Join Us For #RandomActsOfPizza

When is the last time you had a pizza and felt great afterwords? Honest question there. Pizza seems synonymous with greasy napkins, and feeling kind of bloated afterwards. What if I told you that you could actually have pizza that not only tastes … [Read More...]

tide HE turbo

Win a $50 Walmart Gift Card + Tide HE Turbo

Did you know many Canadians now own, or are planning to purchase, a high-efficiency washing machine? These machines have more computer sensors than the first spaceship sent to the moon – pretty cool right!? As these futuristic washers become the norm … [Read More...]


Reaching Out To Brands on Social Media

Consumers have a voice more than ever before. 10 years ago, if you had a frustrating shopping experience, you told your friends, wrote a letter to the editor of the local paper or perhaps wrote a letter to the company. Then, email became the method … [Read More...]

A P&G Giveaway to Put a Spring in Your

Get Ready For Spring With Pantene, Olay and Crest (oh my!)

I realize mother's day has something to do with it, but every spring I adore the items that come through my door from brands. It's as though we're all emerging from the dull, dry, winter and want to be loud (when am I ever quiet, you?), bright and … [Read More...]

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Why You Should Consider Insurance When Planning Your Renovations (even if you’re the Property Brothers)

  If you’re anything like me, when the nicer weather rolls around, you’re ready to refresh your home. After months of winter weather, once the temperatures start rising, I’m ready to clean up, clear out and donate old toys, clothes, etc. and … [Read More...]

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The Body Shop Drops of Youth Giveaway

As we age, our skin loses elasticity taking longer to bounce back into shape. Sleep marks take longer to disappear in the morning than they did when we were fresh faced teenagers. Has anyone else noticed that? I know that I can have a pillow crease … [Read More...]

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Join Us For The Walmart #HowToSpring Twitter Party!

This weekend certainly feels like the first official spring weekend here in Saskatchewan. The sun is shining and the temps are rising. While in July this may mean sitting on a patio with a frosty beverage, this weekend it means: - my husband is … [Read More...]