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BTS Snack Ideas

Entertaining at Your Best (With Help From Best Buy!)

Many note Thanksgiving weekend as being the start of the holiday season, and I agree. After the chaos and stress of back to school in September, we move into October with a better sense of purpose, organization and yes a little bit more relaxation … [Read More...]

Keep your TV away from little hands and playful pets, by safely mounting it on your wall with a Sanus wall mount. Sanus offers a variety of wall mount solutions that support TVs from 13”-90” with features that range from simple tilt to full motion movement.

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A review of 29 studies from seven countries published Tuesday in the Journal of Neurosurgery: Pediatrics found that tens of thousands of children have been harmed by falling TVs in recent years, and the numbers are climbing. Flat screen TV's are … [Read More...]

purple moccasins

Happy Feet With SoftMoc

It's been over twenty years since I slipped my feet into a cozy, warm pair of moccasins. Growing up, my parents owned a business in the city where we actually carried moccasins and so I was a little (a lot!) spoiled having new moccasins and mukluks … [Read More...]

vac attachments

Dirt Devil 360 Reach Bagless Stick Vacuum Review

By Lisa Dutton Our home has central vac, which is great, but it comes with some limitations. The Dirt Devil 360 Reach Bagless Stick Vacuum cleans where my central vac can’t.  It has been a welcome addition to my cleaning routine! This 4-in-1 … [Read More...]


Changes Coming to Sears Club Rewards Program

I'm a huge fan, supporter of, and advocate for rewards programs. My view is that if you're shopping at a store anyway, why not earn rewards for your purchases? Sure, the brand utilizes rewards plans in hopes that you will shop with them rather than a … [Read More...]

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Fashionable (and Feel-Good!) Denim at Mark’s

There are things I love and loathe about fall. I love that fall means oversized sweaters and boots, it's definitely a less stressful season because there's more clothing to cover the sins of holiday eating. While summer is my favorite season, I can … [Read More...]

crock pot slow cookers

6 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Slow Cooker

I love my slow cookers. Yes, that's plural. I have more than one slow cooker, in various sizes for various needs and I think it's probably the one kitchen small appliance I couldn't do without. I think it's a versatile kitchen appliance and, when … [Read More...]

Slow Cooker Apple Cider

Slow Cooker Apple Cider

I love cider in the fall, and there are certainly many varieties to making it. If you have a house-full at Thanksgiving or throughout the holidays, making a huge batch in a slow cooker is perfect! This is a super easy recipe, and you look … [Read More...]

Fisher Price Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo

Fisher-Price Bright Beats Dance & Move BeatBo

By Lise Merle Anyone else noticing the "quiet activity" trend for kids? Quiet boxes, quiet toys, quiet crafts - they're seeping into my social media feeds like stealthy ninjas and I'm like "Whaaa?" Because my littles have what I like to call … [Read More...]

Hoover SteamScrub 2 in 1

Lise’s New Favorite Cleaning Tool

By Lise Merle Something needed to be done. After every meal (and snack), an environmental disaster would occur under the highchairs and bar stools of my four children aged 3 and under. And I would cringe. Because hi. If there's one thing nobody's … [Read More...]

Sophia the First - Dear Sophia: A Royal Collection

Sofia the First – Dear Sofia: A Royal Collection

By Lise Merle Never underestimate the Power of a Princess! Or many, many Princesses! For the very first time, everybody's favorite little Princess Sofia is joined by classic Disney Princesses in a 6 episode DVD called Dear Sofia: A Royal … [Read More...]

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The Love of Food Ties Families Together

Thanksgiving is about two things - food and family. Ask anyone what kind of stuffing they like, or how they prefer their mashed potatoes and there is a good chance the will say how their mom, dad or grandparent has been preparing it all their lives. … [Read More...]