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Smart Spending For Fall

It's not official but certainly back to school is looked at as a season among families in Canada. We prepare for it in the later part of summer and it stretches through the entire month of September. Even though the kids are on their way to school … [Read More...]

Daniel Wellington watches

Daniel Wellington – The New IT Watch!

By Lisa Dutton Daniel Wellington - they are the new ‘it’ watch. And SUCH a refreshing change from the in-your-face flash and bling we have been seeing for the past few years. In their own words, the Swedish watch brand describes their pieces as … [Read More...]

Savoury Asian Glazed Chicken Thighs

Savoury BBQ Chicken Thighs

September, like the new year in January, brings about a sense of renewal, a fresh start, and definitely the overall theme of organizing and getting into a routine. Unlike January, the weather is still beautiful and families are out and about more. … [Read More...]

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Back to School, Back to Sleep

September is one of the busiest and most stressful months in our household despite our best intentions. I know that this month, prolonged bed-times and sleep issues may crop up, so I'm prepared! My kids love Cloud b products, so given the opportunity … [Read More...]

Enter to win aBreville Smart Oven Pro!

Breville Smart Oven Pro {Review & Giveaway}

By Tara Richter At first glance, the Breville Smart Oven Pro looked to me like a glorified toaster oven that was good for nothing more than the occasional frozen waffle, slice of bread or heavily processed food. In my skeptic mind - it most … [Read More...]

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Grillin’ #KidApprovedMeals

Walmart is visiting select cities across Canada this summer to share its delicious and fresh grocery items with sports fans- and we were fortunate to have the Walmart team stop in Regina, SK a few weeks ago! The Baseball Canada 21U Nationals … [Read More...]

Busy MomCleaning FavoritesGiveaway

Back to School Cleaning Tips for Busy Moms

School is starting and while the return to routine should make a household calmer, it does the exact opposite! Suddenly our households are a flurry of activity! Recently, I visited Global Regina Morning News  to share my busy mom cleaning … [Read More...]

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Walk On

I typically do my school supply shopping in three shifts. 1) School supplies, 2) School clothes, and 3) School shoes and backpacks. I have no particular reason for this other than it works for me! This year is the first that my son (grade 6) has had … [Read More...]

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Stop Over-explaining!

I love how life can run parallel with experiences coming together and then overlapping in an ah-ha moment! My husband and I often talk about people-watching, how people can certainly surprise you but more often than not you can kind of predict how a … [Read More...]

Project Mc2 Netflix

Smart is the New Cool

Here we are at the end of August, when talk of summer fun turns to talk of school supplies and activities. It's time to focus, recharge and look forward to a school year full of successes (hopefully more than participation ribbons for all please) and … [Read More...]

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End of Summer Vacay Giveaway

Ahhh… Summer! The sun’s rays make us happier – it’s science, so what better time to keep pampering yourself? Just because summer vacation is coming to a close, doesn't mean we can't keep enjoying the sunshine, dinner on the patio, and our toes in the … [Read More...]

Caprese Salad Appetizer

Caprese Salad Appetizer

  Need an appetizer that's not a dip, but doesn't take a lot of prep yet looks like you're a fancy pants? Here you go! Just pick up some cherry or grape tomatoes, some mozzarella cheese (you can use your favorite but I find the taste is best … [Read More...]