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Smell like the lifestyle you deserve
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TD Insurance chat

Join us for #InsuranceThatFits Monday

Being a homeowner comes with a huge learning curve. Even after owning a total of four homes over the past 15 years, I'm still learning. I'm excited about this upcoming chat from @TD_Insurance because it gives us all the opportunity to ask questions … [Read More...]

oxiclean spring cleaning giveaway

A Spring Cleaning Giveaway

Out with the old and in with the new! It’s time to turn away from winter blues and take a fresh deep breath into spring. Annual spring cleaning is upon us again, and to make your transition into the new season a breeze, here are some quick tips … [Read More...]

Avacado Twitter Chat

It’s an #AvoMexico Twitter Fiesta!

In my younger years, I am embarassed to say I was a picky eater. I blame my parents partly for that - being raised in a family where perogies and cabbage rolls were standard didn't give much space for pizza and tacos at the table. Then, as I visited … [Read More...]

crock pot chicken tacos with guacamole and pico de gallo - full recipe!

Cinco de Mayo Recipe Inspiration

I love any excuse to eat Mexican food, but if you want to be especially on-point, here are my favorite quick and easy (I promise!) Mexican recipes shared on this blog, all condensed in one spot. De nada! Slow cooker chicken taco soup is … [Read More...]

twitter HRB party may 3rd 2 (2)

Have Tax Pain? Have Tax Remorse? Join the #May5Deadline Twitter Chat!

How's that tax pain, friends? Is it keeping you up at night? Has it left you frustrated and thinking ahead to how you can eliminate that pain the next time it flares up? Once in awhile, it's the government that makes an oopsie and this year, that … [Read More...]

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Crabtree & Evelyn – A Luxury Brand That Works

By Lisa Dutton... I am such a sucker for beautiful packaging, so you can imagine how much I love gifting from Crabtree & Evelyn. From beautiful fragrances to tasty treats, Crabtree & Evelyn has made Mother's Day easy. Something for … [Read More...]


Giving Consumers the Advantage in the Auto Industry

I love technology. Social media. Shopping. Cute handbags. What I don't love is orthodontic bills, 10% off being called a sale, and shopping for big-ticket items. The pressure is on when you're shopping for items that are a significant … [Read More...]

Smell like the lifestyle you deserve

Smell Like The Lifestyle You Deserve

Have you seen the new TV commercials for Downy Unstopables? The first time I caught it, I had to rewind because the comment was so funny, I had to be sure I was hearing it right. "I want my yoga pants to smell like I sweat money." I have long … [Read More...]

Aveeno Giveaway

AVEENO Giveaway

Happy Earth Month! Did you know that living in a clean city—like Calgary, which has topped “world’s cleanest city lists” in the last five years— can actually help your skin? It’s true… living in a cleaner city can help reduce the signs of … [Read More...]


A Grown Up Smoothie For Mom

Do you have any traditions for (it deserves capitals) Mother's Day? Being in a family with a shift worker has made that nearly impossible over the past ten years, so I've had to improvise to ensure the kids find ways to celebrate mom without causing … [Read More...]

Clifford STEM

Clifford The Big Red Dog Science Kits

By Lise Merle... If you've got a busy toddler or preschooler who enjoys doing things on their own and is keen to try, learn, think and do - Clifford The Big Red Dog Science Kits for Little Hands brought to you by The Young Scientists Club and … [Read More...]

Twitter Party (Nutella) April 2015 (2)

Nutella All The Things!

The sun is shining, birds are chirping (have you noticed? I forgot how much I missed them in the morning) and everyone has a little bit more bounce in their step. It could be spring, but I think it's Nutella. That's right, it's Nutella! Just in … [Read More...]