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Feisty Frugal & Fabulous 7th Annual Holiday Gift Guide
My super-easysolutionto use up your  
sabra giveaway

Sabra Giveaway

Holiday party planning sometimes doesn't take a lot of effort.  As long as you have good food (I suggest pot luck!), good people (sometimes can't be achieved with office parties, but try your best!) and good music, you're good to go.  A few great … [Read More...]


Let’s Talk Baby with Walmart Canada

There are days when the thought that I've been a mother for over ten years now hits me so ridiculously out of the blue that it nearly knocks the coffee cup out of my hand.  It feels like just yesterday that we left the hospital with our first born, … [Read More...]

Mon bébé Classique Valentine Baby Doll

Corolle Dolls – Ooh La La!

By Lise Merle... Let me start out by saying that I? Am the mother of boys. And my boys? Play with dolls. Because I? Am raising my boys to one day be good husbands and daddies to their wives and babies one day, and exposing them to trucks, tractors … [Read More...]

ookpix instacrylic

Ookpix INSTAcrylic – INSTAfabulous

By Lise Merle... I mean, can you even imagine having to go back living in a non-digital age? Where we didn't know if a photo turned out unless we used up the rest of the roll, took it to the film place and had it developed? Remember that? But … [Read More...]

galt playnest car

Zoom Zoom Johnny!

By Lisa Dutton... For my 1 year old this Christmas - the GALT Playnest Car! This fabric-covered inflatable car features 5 play activities, and encourages imaginative play. It is a contained, soft, safe place for your tot to hang out. I love the … [Read More...]


STORYHIVE – It’s Time to Vote!

Back in October, I shared information about the second season of STORYHIVE. What is STORYHIVE? It’s a kickstarter-inspired online platform where local content creators in Metro Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary and surrounding areas, and new for season … [Read More...]


Sparkle & Shine With Park Lane

My husband and I have a long running joke that isn't nearly as funny to me as it is to him these past five years or so. You see, after a failed attempt at a jewelry gift for Christmas one year (that I returned) he declared that he wouldn't buy me … [Read More...]


LG’s Web OS Smart TVs #FlipTheBird

Once in awhile, an innovative marketing campaign comes along that makes me smile (OK smirk) and congratulate the promotions team on a job well done. We see so many commercials and ads, especially at this time of the year, that brands know they need … [Read More...]

Santa 1980

Connecting During The Holidays

I’ve been thinking a lot about connections lately. In 2014 we’ve lost a lot of the personal aspect of connecting with others for the sake of efficiency. While being able to send a text to my sister in Calgary each day (okay maybe 10 texts!) certainly … [Read More...]

tenille lafontaine

How To Keep Your Cool (and Not Your Cold This Winter!)

If your family hasn't been hit by cold or flu yet, take cover - it's coming! We've been battling it since school started, trying to keep our family healthy and missed school days at a minimum. I recently was asked by Media Planet to contribute my … [Read More...]

Merry Grams

Let Philosophy Brighten Up Your Holiday!

There's so many things I love about the holidays, but sending and receiving cards is at the top of my list!  This season, Philosophy is encouraging you to brighten up someone's day by sending them a Philosophy merrygram! All you do is simply … [Read More...]

Bright Starts Lion

Bright Starts 3-in-1 Step n’ Ride Lion

By Lise Merle... We Feisty (and Frugal) moms love nothing more than a toy that our little kids love, and a toy that will also grow with them over a few years. Which is why this Christmas, I'm highly recommending the Bright Starts 3-in-1 Step n/ … [Read More...]