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Cloud b Tranquil Whale

I did a quick search on the blog. After 15 years of writing posts about products covering everything families use, that’s a lot of posts! Still, I was certain that Cloud b definitely held a monopoly on soothing sleep products for kids on the blog and I was right. Just see how many Cloud b products myself (starting when my now 15-year-old was 2!) to my contributing writers when they had wee ones in their families as well. Cloud b is known for beautiful, soothing products and when offered a new one to check out (with 3 teens in the household) I said absolutely yes!

Our Cloud b turtle still exists in our household, and while I won’t say who was using it last, I will say that they had to slowly ween themselves away from it because they absolutely adored it for that long in their life. This same kid now sleeps with a fan for soothing white noise. So, when Cloud b Tranquil Whale arrived at our door, this same kid made an audible gasp at not only the arrival but at how many childhood memories were attached to the Cloud b family in our household. I think that’s a pretty solid review right there to the quality and longevity of these products.

Tranquil Whale White will transform a child’s room into a peaceful oasis. The light projector creates a serene underwater effect – complete with softly undulating waves – while the sound machine offers two calming choices: a gentle melody or whispering waves. Winner of Infant Toy of the Year Award and the National Parenting Center Seal of Approval, Tranquil Whale is the perfect solution for kids who are afraid of the dark. On top of that, the Tranquil Whale comes with an adorable cuddly stuffed baby whale rattle to keep your child company for an even sweeter night

Comes with an adorable cuddly stuffed baby whale rattle to keep your child company for an even sweeter night

Eases fear of the dark and projects underwater effect with a gentle wave motion

Plays 2 soothing sounds: Waves and Underwater melody

23 minute timer ensures complete darkness and silence during child’s deep sleep

23 minute timer ensures complete darkness and silence during child’s deep sleep

Adjustable settings for brightness and movement create a fully controllable experience for various environments


Look for Cloud b Tranquil Whale at your favorite infant-product retailers. I found it online at Toys R Us for $73.99 which is the average price listed for this item. While expensive (let’s be honest, babies are expensive and spending close to $75 on a soothing item, while cute, is a lot) I will say that it’s an item that has stood the test of time in our household and can definitely be passed down from one kid to the next, so there is some longevity to consider. Wishing you sound slumbers, moms + dads!


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  • The Cloud b Tranquil Whale is wonderful and it’s perfect for my little nephew. He is afraid of the dark at night so the Tranquil Whale will help him get a good night’s sleep. And I know he will really love this because he loves whales! Luckily his birthday is in 2 weeks! So this will be the perfect present for him.

  • This looks really neat and would have been perfect for my grandson who was a poor sleeper. I will keep this in mind when I next purchase for a newborn!

  • I really like the Cloud b Tranquil Whale. He is so neat and play soothing wavelike sounds which is great for the summer.

  • This is such an amazing idea this would have helped my daughter when she was younger she suffers from anxiety. Look into it for my grandchildren.

  • The Cloud b Tranquil Whale would have been perfect for my granddaughters. They both had a sleeping sound machine.

  • I gave a cloud b gift I won from your site AGES ago to a friend (I think her son is now turning 11 so there ya go…) and they still talk about it. Great products.