Little Fashionista Tips for Back to School

Here in Saskatchewan, students went back to school a week ahead of the rest of the country. Rather than feel bad for the kids, remember that they get a week off in the middle of February – many prairie families escape the bitter cold to warmer climates then! Before long the kids will be wearing snowsuits and scarves, so for back to school my kids are strutting their style and – when the price is right – this mom is happy to oblige.

It turns out that my four year old – currently rocking it at preschool – is the biggest fashionista in our household. Based on her picks I’d say she has some back to school trends nailed!

skinny jeans

Skinny jeans are adorable on little kids, especially when they’re little beanpoles like mine and it makes them look even more tiny! I say, wear them while you can – when you’re an adult skinny jeans are not as cute on everybody.

clip on earringsEarrings – even if they’re clip-on earrings because you’re little and too scared to get your ears pierced. My girls have wanted clip-on earrings all summer (thanks to 80’s sitcom Full House on Netflix, they also suggested they get perms!) Their aunt discovered clip-on earrings at the mall (I didn’t even know they still existed!) and their earrings are now prized possessions and worn to school proudly.

pandaPandas. She is all about the pandas and thankfully it’s an easy to spot trend in stores now too! I’m not sure why, but since they’re adorable I have no problem with adding more pandas to our day!

Back to school shopping doesn’t seem to end with the start of school, have you noticed that? Whether it’s sending money for school fundraising or picking up a new swimsuit for lessons, I’m always scouting for something.


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Right now, you can enter the Back to School Vote to Win contest up until September 21st a chance to win Hakim Optical certificates daily! That would certainly help with eyewear purchases all year round!

I’m certainly glad that, at this age, my youngest fashionista is making some pretty great fashion choices. I’m sure in a few years we’ll have our battles. My plan for revenge when the fashion war starts in our own household? Borrowing her sweaters myself, of course.

Although this post has been generously sponsored by Hakim Optical, the opinions and language are my own.


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