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Nutella ~ Add A Little Joy

On a blustery spring day (yep, that sentence actually makes sense when you live in Saskatchewan!) it’s sometimes difficult to find ways to keep our spirits up. Video games and You Tube certainly keep the kids occupied, but I’m talking about the little things we as moms do to make the day a little brighter.

You know that kid in your child’s classroom that comes to school for every holiday with treats for the class? With home-made scrapbook looking birthday invitations?

I’m not that mom.

I am the mom that can find some pretty magnificent things on Pinterest and whip them up for the family, or make a fool out of myself playing Just Dance with my kids, or post videos on You Tube of their meltdowns.

Nutella recipes

I teamed up with Nutella recently to help share the goodness of Nutella’s Add a Little Joy website. It’s packed full of recipes and ideas on ways to add a little joy to breakfast or throughout the day. Readers shared their favorite ways to add a little joy to breakfast with Nutella for a chance to win a personalized Nutella jar inside a fabulous gift basket packed full of products to help add a little joy to breakfast! Congratulations to reader Josh who opted to put his wife’s name on the Nutella jar (how romantic, non?)

Here are some of the ways readers add a little joy to their breakfast with Nutella:

nutella add a little joy breakfast ideas

Inspired by your ideas, and my own favorite flavor combinations, I made what my ten-year-old called “a little bundle of heaven” as he ate three in one sitting: Nutella Banana Crescent Rolls.

Nutella cresent rolls with banana

What I love most about this recipe is its simplicity – anyone can make this – yet it tastes divine and photographs well. It would also look fabulous at brunch when you have guests (if you’re fancy like that!)

Simply preheat your oven to 375 degrees and open the can of crescent rolls (always the most traumatic part of the process for me!) Then separate them into 8 pieces. Don’t worry if some are longer or weirder looking than others, they all roll up nicely regardless.

Place 2 slices of banana on each crescent and roll up. I bake mine on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper but it’s not necessary.

Bake for 10-12 minutes according to the directions on the crescent can (I bake mine for 11) and remove from the baking sheet to cool. Slice the crescent roll into two pieces and spread the Nutella (amount as desired) and serve!

Easy, right?

Nutella crescent rolls with banana

You can find more delicious recipes at and on the Nutella Facebook page.You can also follow the hashtag #NutellaCanada on Twitter and Instagram to see what others have shared. Wow, that’s a whole lot of Nutella spread on social media (see what I did there?).


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