essie Resort Collection Giveaway

Opulent silks. Saturated hues. Dazzling ornamentation. This Resort season is influenced by the magnificent fashion, diverse culture and sheer beauty of India. Jaipur and the taj-ma-haul to the vibrant saris at a monsoon wedding twirling during a delhi dance, there’s no end to the inspiration that gives life to essie color. The country’s unique contrast […]

My Valentine’s Day Gift Picks From Hallmark

Valentine’s Day is coming up and the gift ideas are endless! If you’re looking for something special to give to someone special in your life, or you need gift ideas to give the hubby for his shopping with the kids, here are my picks from Hallmark that you can find in store right now! Floral […]

Start Your Day Off Right: #WakeUpToYellow And You Could Win!

Mornings are busy in our household. My husband leaves before we’re up, so it’s up to this mom to get three kids ready and off to school each day. The huge advantage is that I work from home so most days, as long as the kids are dressed and fed and out the door it’s […]

Stepping Out

January 2016 has been a month of loss in the entertainment industry. Glenn Frey, Dan Haggerty, and the iconic David Bowie are among the lights lost at the start of this year. David Bowie’s passing is perhaps the most impactful to generations of music lovers around the world, not only because of his music but […]

Cold & Flu Season Comfort

Ah, winter. As I sip my warm coffee, watching the frosty scene outside my window, the soundtrack of my day is unfortunately a nasty cough from my preschooler, kept home from school yet again. Some years are better than others, and this seems like one where we’re all getting sick. My eleven-year-old had pneumonia over […]

Finding Me Time

With the holidays behind us, the New Year brings anticipation and – in my household and many I’m sure – organization. It’s all about focusing on the New Year and cleaning up, whether that be in your living room or your life in general. I like cleaning out my pantry, my bathroom cabinets and my […]

Ageless Olay Giveaway ($165 value!)

This month I’m celebrating my 39th birthday. Yep, not quite the big 4-0 but close enough that it’s making me clutch my wine class a little bit tighter thinking about it. I loved turning 30 – it felt like I was finally an adult and building a life with my husband and son, but two […]