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Harry Potter: Stupefy!

Stupefy is an exciting new game release for Harry Potter fans or newcomers alike. Your chance to prove yourself by earning points for your house in this Harry Potter: Stupefy! game. You’ll represent your colours while practicing casting spells to gain mastery in this Harry Potter board game. Just watch out. If you are Stupefied, you risk losing points to your house.

We’ve got some big Harry Potter fans in the house so I knew this would be a game worth checking out. The thing is, I couldn’t find a lot of info on the game online. When the game was released this summer, there was a cool trailer online, but not a lot of info on gameplay:

However, if you keep looking, you’ll find an unboxing video which will give you more insight into all the game pieces involved:

One month ago, a 7 minute video was released explaining the rules to the game which I think will be worthwhile to watch before playing:

I think will all the info above, people ages 8+ (as stated on the box) should have no problem learning the game and enjoying it. The playtime for 8 rounds is only about 30 minutes so it’s also a game that can be played in smaller groups or on a game night with others.

Look for Harry Potter: Stupefy! exclusively at Indigo this holiday season at a MSRP of $67.99.

Here’s your chance to put this game under your tree this holiday season! To enter to win just fill in your name and email address in the form below and click BEGIN! Then just leave a comment on this post sharing who the Harry Potter fan is in your house!


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