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Review: The Hoover Air Steerable Pet Upright Vacuum

Our labradoodle Cali just celebrated her 5th birthday, and for our kids it’s hard to remember a time when she wasn’t a member of our family – especially for our youngest who was just over 2 years old when Cali joined our household as a tiny puppy. She’s literally grown up with our kids!

One of the (many) benefits of having a labradoodle is that they are minimal-shedding dogs. We don’t have to brush her daily and you don’t find dust bunnies of dog fur in the corners (we create enough of our own!) which is great, but make no mistake, having a dog still brings dog fur into the house and it’s important to ensure that all dust and allergens are kept to a minimum especially now when the windows start being opened less and less!

Cali – thoroughly unimpressed that I’m vacuuming away all her attempts to share her fur with the household.

When Hoover sent us the Air Steerable Pet Upright Vacuum, the very first impression out of the box was about how light it was! With a two-story house and finished basement, that’s a lot of stairs to carry a vacuum on when I get on a roll and the lighter, the better, for the task – especially when I sign up the kids to help as well.

Next, we had a funny moment when I muttered about how I wished there was a vacuum that had a place to keep all the attachments and then – voila – I pulled out a Hoover branded mesh bag, on a hanger, to put in the perfect spot in the household (mine is in the laundry room). You can find my thoughts on this in my Instagram stories (highlights if not in my stories themselves).

Those attachments have been put to use too – the Hoover Air Steerable Pet comes with a Pet Turbo Tool, Pet Upholstery Tool, 2-in-1 Crevice Tool and Extension Wand! Yup, this light and compact vacuum has everything you need to attack the “love” left behind by your pets in the carpet, corners, sofa cushions and even on the curtains and blinds (how does fur get there exactly, I wish I knew!)

The next impressive feature was that upon using it I immediately noticed how versatile the vacuum is due to the Steerable Technology. Hoover means it when they put it in the name of the product! It’s so easy to buzz around floors (both carpeted and hardwood) and furniture with this vacuum. No awkward clunking around, pulling the vacuum this way and that – it really goes where you go with ease. I really liked that.

Here are the facts on the cleaning technology in this baby:

  • AllergenBlock Technology – Prevents *97% of pet dander, dirt, dust, and pollen particles** from re-entering the air
  • WindTunnel® 3 Technology – Creates three channels of suction to lift and remove surface debris and deeply embedded dirt

If you have kids, carpet, and a pet, this is definitely a vacuum you want to learn more about. The reviews at echo my own impression of this product which is always a good sign too! You want to hear positive reviews from real everyday people when doing your research (and of course from bloggers you trust, even when they get the product for free!)

Visit to read more about the Hoover Air Steerable Pet Upright Vacuum and then look for it at places like ($149.99 on sale until 09/20), Lowes ($179 until 09/19), Best Buy ($224.99), and The Home Depot ($148).

Hoover has set aside another Air Steerable Pet Upright Vacuum for one of my readers! To enter to win, simply fill in your name and email address in the form below and click BEGIN! Then leave a comment on this blog post sharing why you’d love to have this Hoover vacuum in your home!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in partnership with Hoover Canada. All opinions are, as always, my own!


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  • This vacuum looks awesome! My current vacuum barely has any suction anymore, it is so old.. And pet hair can be never-ending, lol. This would be an absolute dream come true! Thank you for the giveaway!

  • Well, there are the 2 cats who seem to lose all of their hair every night lol but also being steerable is pretty cool. My daughter always runs into the corners of the furniture so the steering is a great thing!

  • We have a shepherd/husky cross mutt dog and she sheds all the time. I also have 2 boys. We are living in a newer area of our town where they are still building. The dust and dirt and dog hair is insane some days. This vacuum could be a real game changer in our home and make vacuuming fun again.

  • I have a semi long haired cat and hair sticks to everything, this would really help as my current vacuum is heavy and this would be great to carry upstairs

  • I would love to own this vaccum, I need something that is easily movable but still has great suction as I have 2 large dogs that shed a lot and leave hair everywhere!

  • So Uber cute! This sounds like a great vacuum! Perfect for my two small kids, part time puppy (stays with my father too) and my hubby that works outdoors who never fails to NOT bring dirt inside! Plus I love this for baby on the way too.. keeping the floors and carpets clean for those soon to be crawling days!

  • I would love this vacuum as mine is quite old and doesn’t take hair off rugs and this I hate, also would love a bagless one

  • I would love to win this vacuum as my furbaby has a beautiful thick white and gray coat. Why would that matter you ask…well I wear a lot of black. The vacuum I have does a poor job of removing all the hair off my furniture and floors. I will be standing in line at a store, wearing black, and inevitability someone will state..Oh you have a cat? 😀

  • Well…stick broom user here. 🙁 Pet fur from my cat is EVERYWHERE!! A good vacuum would be amazing to have in my home. Thanks!

  • I would love to have this vacuum because our dog, Layla, sheds enough for 3 dogs! She leaves fur everywhere and this sounds like it would make cleaning up after her easier.

  • We live in very Dry and Dusty Calgary. We also have bad allergies and Asthma. I love the AllergenBlock Technology – Prevents *97% of pet dander, dirt, dust, and pollen particles** from re-entering the air, Our Old Canister bag Kenmore is just not cutting it. Thanks for the chance. This would make me want to Vacuum daily! Fingers and toes crossed. I need this in my life.

  • I would love to win the Hoover air steerable pet upright for all the things you have said about it . I’d really appreciate it in my life .Lifting my old hefty vac isn’t possible and I really need to keep on top of it here. We all have either allergies or asthma in the household all while living with 4 dogs, a feather dusting seed shooting budgie Lola, a rat duo P&G & who knows what else. Dog #4 Jack the Chi is a foster fail of 8 months now he is such a heart melter but he sheds more than his 3 adopted siblings put together I am sneezing and scratching lol Hoover was the only brand my mom would use she would like that too!

  • My home is super dusty and with babies and toddlers crawling around, I’d love a vacuum that cleans the floors AND the air of allergens.

  • My dog sheds as do the cats and it is tough keeping up with all of the fur! I love how nimble this Hoover is and that it is built to help out with pet fur! Thanks for the chance!!

  • My dog sheds like crazy ! I sweep and turn around and there is hair again ! Id love this , so much easier and the hair wont just get moved around like with the broom !

  • I would love to have this vacuum in my home as I have three dogs. a cat, and quite often, a little grandson running around here.

  • i would lovvvvvvvvve to win this for hubby as vacuuming is his only job and our vacuum is old and doesnt make his job easier

  • this machine would be awesome in my home because I have two cats and a dog. And there is so much traffic with teenage kids and their friends too

  • I would love to win this vacuum! We have one short hair cat and I seem to shed more than he does! I love that the Hoover Air Steerable Pet comes with a Pet Turbo Tool, Pet Upholstery Tool, 2-in-1 Crevice Tool and Extension Wand!

  • I love that it is an upright vacuum…..I have a canister of a certain big name brand and I hate it….it is forever bumping into walls and taking dings out of them. I swore after that, that I would go for an upright vacuum!! also the granddoggies come to visit so this would make quick work of the fur that they forgot to take home with them!!

  • I would need this in our house with all the cat and dog fur and kids’ mess. A good working vacuum will be a handy mom assistant.

  • After experiencing great disappointment with a much pricier brand, I’m ready to try this Air Steerable Pet Upright Hoover Vacuum. My wall to wall & area rugs haven’t felt really clean in a long time and with pets, boys, lots of traffic through my dusty home, I need a vacuum I can depend on without breaking the bank. Thanks for the chance.

  • I would love this for my parent’s home. They are both retired now & their vacuum is old, my dad has fixed it many times & there’s duct tape on the hose. They need something lightweight for sure at their age & they also have a dog so this would be great for them!

  • I’d love to win this vacuum because I have two very fluffy cats who shed like crazy and my current vacuum isn’t picking up half of it.

  • I would love this because it would make cleaning our floors and carpets so much easier. It’s way better than the vacuum I have now

  • We have two dogs and two cats so needless to say there’s pet hair in places you don’t expect, kitchen and dinning room are linoleum, carpet in the Living room and bedrooms, it’s hard to broom sweep the non carpet areas since your chasing the dust bunnies and fur, I like to get into the corners where the hair thinks it can hide and under the buffet and also pulling out the bottom drawer of the stove and finding dust bunnies looking back at you! Well I know I need a hard working vacuum to be able to keep up to our house hold.

  • we would love to have a Hoover vacuum in our home because with 2 cats, a 5 year old, a 21 year old and me and my husband in our very tiny condo the carpet’s take a beating. it would be nice to have a new vacuum to give them a solid once over at least once a day!

  • I would love to have this vacumn, with small children in the house and animals coming and going, its hard to keep up I love that it is lightweight but still gets the job done

  • With 2 cats it’s impossible to keep up with the cat hair. None of the vacuums I’ve tried work very well. It would be amazing to have one that does!

  • My Bissell died after 10 years (RIP) and I replaced it with a cheap and cheerful little !@#($ that gets clogged every time I use it. So I could use another quality vacuum.

  • We have a big, long legged dog who sheds everywhere and this vacuum would mean we could have one on each floor saving our backs from lugging one up and down the stairs.

  • I would love this to keep up with the constant mess in my house! Our house is 95% carpet and i vacuum daily, our vacuum doesn’t suck and that’s the bad thing. I have to go over an area over and over

  • I’d love to win because I have a very furry cat who leaves hair everywhere! I love the attachment that tackles blinds too – that would be super useful! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  • I would love it because mine just broke. The suction still works, but the rollers are gone. So this would be lovely.

  • Would love to win! We currently only have a guinea pig in our household BUT the majority of our friends have dogs so usually once a month we have a furry friend (or two) come to visit us because we live an hour away from Jasper so our friends and family typically stay a night at our house. While I love dogs, I am sadly allergic, so when it comes to cleaning up after my furry guests I want to make sure there is no hair left in my house 😊

  • My current vacuum is old and bulky so I’d love a new one. This Hoover sounds perfect for us because it would allow me to maneuver around all our furniture, and we also have both carpet and hardwood floors to tackle!