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Echinaforce JR: Come Out Swinging!

Today, at Global News Morning Regina, I shared some mom to mom tips on cold and flu prevention. Now that the kids are back in school, germs are back too (yes, I know they never go away…) I wanted to share some of the products our household uses to help prevent sickness. Once it hits, of course we have to deal with it and try and reduce the number of days missed at school so my ultimate goal is to avoid sickness altogether.

One of the products we use with the kids, after learning about the brand last year around this time, is Echinaforce JR. We want to avoid doctor’s visits for brutal colds and infections, and the use of antibiotics overall unless needed. Remember our childhood when antibiotics were sort of the standard method of care? Now, doctors know that there are other ways to combat illness and a pill doesn’t necessarily solve every ouch (in fact, if it’s not a bacterial infection, an antibiotic is sort of useless anyway.) While antibiotics wipe out the insurgent disease-causing bacteria that threaten our health, they also obliterate the beneficial bacteria and can increase our risk for chronic illness, allergies, depression and anxiety. Research shows that the earlier children are exposed to antibiotics, the greater the implications. A study in JAMA Pediatrics in June, 2016 found antibiotic use can take children’s guts at least a year—sometimes two—to recover from one course of antibiotics. Yikes!

In May 2018, A.Vogel released results from a clinical trial done at the University of Zurich Hospital with 203 kids under the care of 13 pediatricians on its Echinaforce JR and the results were astounding. I shared these stats in my segment today:

– 33% reduction of colds and flu
– 64% reduction in complications from colds/flu such as bronchitis , pneumonia and sinusitis
– 68% less fever days
– 73% less need for antibiotics to treat illness

Echinaforce JR is made with fresh, organic, GMOfree Echinacea. Is a chewable tablet with an orange taste kids LOVE! And is sweetened naturally so tooth friendly. It’s good for children ages 2+ and heads up parents, there’s also Echinaforce chewable tablets available for adults too! Look for Echinaforce JR (and more products in this product line) at Old Fashion Foods and other retailers where natural remedies are sold.

I’ve got you covered, mamas (and dads!) I’ve got 3 boxes of Echinaforce JR to give away to my readers! 3 winners, hooray! To enter to win, simply fill in your name and email address in the form below and click BEGIN! Then leave a comment below sharing your thoughts on this post (did the stats surprise you, do you think we use antibiotics too much, are you interested in trying more natural products in your household, anything you want to share!)

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in partnership with A.Vogel. All opinions are, as always, my own.


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