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Oh Sweet, Sweet Sleep!

We all know sleep is important. We hear it on the news, we read it in magazines sitting in the doctor’s office, we ensure our kids get to bed on time because they need their rest. Then we grab our phones, start the next binge on Netflix, and sleep somehow can come later, and just isn’t important for us. I learned the hard way this summer, through some health issues (I’m ok!) that sleep needs to be a priority in my life and now it is. I have set a strict bedtime and my friends and family know that if they want to reach me after 10pm, you’ll hear back in the morning. I’m in bed, phone off, and have created a soothing sleep-promoting environment in our bedroom complete with essential oils (more on that coming later on the blog), a fan, and amazingly comfortable, breathable, sheets.

Introducing: Sweet Sheets! Sweet Sheets was created by Tekarra Roach more than five years ago while she and her husband were in university. Trying to support a family with five children, Tekarra found a product she could sell in summer markets between semesters. “I had no idea how popular Sweet Sheets would be and was super surprised when people approached me to sell them too,” she remembers. Without really knowing how to proceed, Tekarra began an affiliate program where people could sign up and sell Sweet Sheets for a commission. Before long, Tekarra wasn’t doing trade shows anymore; she stayed at home in her garage and filled and shipped orders all over Canada.

After Tekarra had been going strong for a couple years, Keshia and Nick Larsen moved into her neighborhood with their four children who became fast friends with the Roach kids. The Larsens both worked in marketing and were intrigued with Tekarra’s business success. “We were really impressed with how successful Sweet Sheets was, even though Tekarra really had no idea what she was doing,” Keshia laughs. After watching and discussing for several months, Keshia approached Tekarra about becoming her business partner. Soon after, Keshia redesigned the website and “look” of Sweet Sheets, and together they turned Sweet Sheets into a network marketing company. Within their first year working together, Sweet Sheets had nearly a 300% growth, pushing them out of Tekarra’s garage and into a commercial warehouse employing a fantastic team as well as empowering consultants across Canada and into the United States.

I love stories of successful, entrepreneurial women, even more when they’re Canadian and even more when they’re from the prairies! So, when approached to try Sweet Sheets in our household and blog about it, I was absolutely in. We’ve been using Sweet Sheets for about a month now – on several beds in our household and through several washes.

I love the richness of the darker colours like Red Velvet, and how fun the lighter colours we picked like Cotton Candy and Strawberry Shake are (that one was my 10-year-old daughter’s pick, of course!) The first thing we noticed about the sheets was how soft they are. The sheets are made with high quality double brushed microfiber yarns, giving them their luxurious soft feel and extreme durability and are comparable to 1800 thread count cotton sheets.

There’s some debate about microfiber sheets, people either love them or not-so-much. I find them cozy warm to sleep wrapped in, super soft, and durable for washing weekly. I also think they’re perfectly breathable and not any different in breathability from my cotton sheets, except that they happen to be softer, silkier, and more cozy than my cotton ones. In fact, since receiving our microfiber sheets, they’ve been on rotation on our bed, and the cotton ones have been moved to the spare bed.

Beyond the opportunity to sign up as a Sweet Sheets consultant and sell these sheets on your own among your friends, family, at trade-shows and more, Sweet Sheets also has fundraising opportunities for organizations and I love this idea as well (can we maybe stop with the same fundraisers over and over and opt for something new to ask our friends and co-workers to buy?) Check out the link for more information for your organization!

You can, of course, order Sweet Sheets directly to your door online (shipping info here) like I did! Happy shopping!

One lucky reader is going to win a set of Sweet Sheets in the size of their choice! To enter, simply fill in your name and email address in the form below and click BEGIN! Then visit Sweet Sheets and take a look at their colour selection and sizes available (much more than the ones I shared here) and then leave a comment below telling me which colour/size you’d pick if you won. That’s it! You never know, your choice may end up at your door FREE if you win! Look for bonus entries available too for following Sweet Sheets on social media.

Disclosure: This is a post in partnership with Sweet Sheets Inc. I was sent product in return for my review.


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