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OK, fine, my play on words with holiday songs is getting a little weak but it’s Monday and it is what it is. After photographing this latest giveaway, it felt appropriate. Now more than ever, tech is always a great gift idea for the holidays but it’s tough to know where to start.

I’ll state from the top here that I’m not an android phone user. I use that other brand, but continually marvel at the great photos and videos from my friends that have android devices, and specifically Samsung phones. It’s one of the biggest annoyances of my current device, especially doing what I do! I’m constantly utilizing apps to help the color and light in my photos.

That, my friends, is the biggest reason the Samsung Galaxy A20 has won be over – the camera on the phone is leaps and bounds ahead of my current phone’s camera! You’ve seen these photos already on the blog and Instagram this holiday season, but here’s a peek at the unedited photos I’ve taken with the Samsung Galaxy A20.

The PRO photo setting on the Samsung Galaxy A20 device is my favorite, but sometimes doesn’t work if your area is too bright to begin with. Still, in Saskatchewan where its’ dark at 5pm in the winter, this setting helps me greatly with photography.

Selfies! This was a feature I actually didn’t even realize until I started to read more about the device itself – because I was using the camera for product photos only. However, for those of you who love a quick selfie (who doesn’t?) with a little help, the Galaxy A20 8MP front camera makes your selfies look their best, and with Selfie focus, you get a gentle background blur that makes your personality the star of the picture. Here’s a quick selfie I took while writing this post, so show you how the background blue works:

From Samsung, here’s a closer look at what makes the device amazing:

The Galaxy A Series lineup is designed to provide those on your list with an innovative device at an accessible price-point. Show those on your list that you want to stay connected without breaking the bank. The series includes:
● Immersive Viewing Experience: The Super AMOLED Infinity V-Display has an enhanced viewing experience that doesn’t drain the battery –
meaning you’ll be able to enjoy your phone for an extended period of time!
● Dual or Triple View Camera: Equipped with high-end camera functions, you’ll be able to take professional grade photos that easily fits into your
● Long-Lasting, Fast-Charging Battery: You can use your device without draining its charge, and charge quickly when your battery gets low.

The battery is quite remarkable, again compared to my experience with that other brand. Granted, I’ve been using the Samsung Galaxy A20 primarily for social media scrolling and photography, but I have kept it on the end-table in my living room for a week at a time without needing to charge it. And, like the other night at my daughter’s band concert when I noticed I was down to 18% before leaving, I plugged it in and was able to get a decent charge in a half hour – yay!

Size matters: The Samsung Galaxy A20 is larger than my current device, which I thought would make it difficult to use and adjust to but that’s not the case! The 7.8mm body fits easily in my hand (it’s 169 grams to be exact), and the screen size itself is so so great (6.4″ display)! “Whether you’re playing games or streaming your favourite show, the immersive Infinity-V Display of the Galaxy A20 changes the way you experience them by putting you right in the action.” Infinity-V Display: a near bezel-less, full-frontal glass, edge-to-edge screen.

I don’t watch a lot of videos on my current device, my kids and husband do on theirs, and I couldn’t figure out why they’d bother when the screen is so small. However, now I get it – with the Samsung Galaxy A20, the screen size is so big, the quality so crisp, that catching a quick Netflix show while on the go is totally doable.

I love this device. I’m so happy that Samsung Canada sent it to me and we’ll continue using it as a family – I may have actually been an android snob before this, but no longer – I’m convinced! You rock Samsung!

The Samsung Galaxy A20 retails for $349.99 and here’s where Santa can find the Samsung Galaxy A20 this holiday season (you may even find it on sale!): Staples, Walmart, Best Buy, and The Source!

Samsung Canada has generously given me another Samsung Galaxy A20 to gift to one of my lucky readers! To enter to win, just fill in your name and email address in the form below and click BEGIN! Then, just tell me why you’d like to win – it’s that easy! Maybe you have the perfect person on your list to gift this to, or maybe you’re interested after reading my review and want this device for yourself? Good luck everyone!


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