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OK, fine, my play on words with holiday songs is getting a little weak but it’s Monday and it is what it is. After photographing this latest giveaway, it felt appropriate. Now more than ever, tech is always a great gift idea for the holidays but it’s tough to know where to start.

I’ll state from the top here that I’m not an android phone user. I use that other brand, but continually marvel at the great photos and videos from my friends that have android devices, and specifically Samsung phones. It’s one of the biggest annoyances of my current device, especially doing what I do! I’m constantly utilizing apps to help the color and light in my photos.

That, my friends, is the biggest reason the Samsung Galaxy A20 has won be over – the camera on the phone is leaps and bounds ahead of my current phone’s camera! You’ve seen these photos already on the blog and Instagram this holiday season, but here’s a peek at the unedited photos I’ve taken with the Samsung Galaxy A20.

The PRO photo setting on the Samsung Galaxy A20 device is my favorite, but sometimes doesn’t work if your area is too bright to begin with. Still, in Saskatchewan where its’ dark at 5pm in the winter, this setting helps me greatly with photography.

Selfies! This was a feature I actually didn’t even realize until I started to read more about the device itself – because I was using the camera for product photos only. However, for those of you who love a quick selfie (who doesn’t?) with a little help, the Galaxy A20 8MP front camera makes your selfies look their best, and with Selfie focus, you get a gentle background blur that makes your personality the star of the picture. Here’s a quick selfie I took while writing this post, so show you how the background blue works:

From Samsung, here’s a closer look at what makes the device amazing:

The Galaxy A Series lineup is designed to provide those on your list with an innovative device at an accessible price-point. Show those on your list that you want to stay connected without breaking the bank. The series includes:
● Immersive Viewing Experience: The Super AMOLED Infinity V-Display has an enhanced viewing experience that doesn’t drain the battery –
meaning you’ll be able to enjoy your phone for an extended period of time!
● Dual or Triple View Camera: Equipped with high-end camera functions, you’ll be able to take professional grade photos that easily fits into your
● Long-Lasting, Fast-Charging Battery: You can use your device without draining its charge, and charge quickly when your battery gets low.

The battery is quite remarkable, again compared to my experience with that other brand. Granted, I’ve been using the Samsung Galaxy A20 primarily for social media scrolling and photography, but I have kept it on the end-table in my living room for a week at a time without needing to charge it. And, like the other night at my daughter’s band concert when I noticed I was down to 18% before leaving, I plugged it in and was able to get a decent charge in a half hour – yay!

Size matters: The Samsung Galaxy A20 is larger than my current device, which I thought would make it difficult to use and adjust to but that’s not the case! The 7.8mm body fits easily in my hand (it’s 169 grams to be exact), and the screen size itself is so so great (6.4″ display)! “Whether you’re playing games or streaming your favourite show, the immersive Infinity-V Display of the Galaxy A20 changes the way you experience them by putting you right in the action.” Infinity-V Display: a near bezel-less, full-frontal glass, edge-to-edge screen.

I don’t watch a lot of videos on my current device, my kids and husband do on theirs, and I couldn’t figure out why they’d bother when the screen is so small. However, now I get it – with the Samsung Galaxy A20, the screen size is so big, the quality so crisp, that catching a quick Netflix show while on the go is totally doable.

I love this device. I’m so happy that Samsung Canada sent it to me and we’ll continue using it as a family – I may have actually been an android snob before this, but no longer – I’m convinced! You rock Samsung!

The Samsung Galaxy A20 retails for $349.99 and here’s where Santa can find the Samsung Galaxy A20 this holiday season (you may even find it on sale!): Staples, Walmart, Best Buy, and The Source!

Samsung Canada has generously given me another Samsung Galaxy A20 to gift to one of my lucky readers! To enter to win, just fill in your name and email address in the form below and click BEGIN! Then, just tell me why you’d like to win – it’s that easy! Maybe you have the perfect person on your list to gift this to, or maybe you’re interested after reading my review and want this device for yourself? Good luck everyone!


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  • Great review! would love to win for my youngest who needs a new phone! would be a great gift for Christmas or 18th birthday coming up after Christmas!!

  • Wow! This is a huge giveaway. My phone is about 6 years old now and it would be so amazing to upgrade to this new Samsung phone! Thanks for the chance. Merry Christmas!

  • We have always been a Samsung house. Everytime I ruin mine I give my husband the broken one and I get the new one 😅 I’ve washed one in a full laundry cycle and cracked one beyond repair. I need to redeem myself and just gift him the beautiful new one this time.

  • My step daughter spent a gap year away from home and lost her phone while she was gone. This would be a perfect welcome home.

  • Wow! What an amazing prize!! I’d love to win since my old Samsung is quite a few years old with a cracked screen – it’s time for a new one. And this phone sounds awesome, especially the camera.

  • I would love to gift this phone to my mom! Her current phone is an LG and it’s super glitchy and doesn’t work good anymore. I know she wants a new one really badly but she can’t afford to upgrade at the moment. This would make an excellent Christmas or birthday gift for her! Thank you!

  • oh my gosh!! I WOULD LOVE this!!! it would definitely be an awesome upgrade from what i have now. thanks for the chance

  • This would be a great upgrade for my husband and an awesome Christmas gift since he’s had his phone over 5 years and the battery seems to be dying. He also is a total Samsung guy!

  • I have always wanted to see if the Samsung camera really is what everyone says. I’d take it outside to see if it can capture the lights at night

  • I am a long time samsung fan, and as much as I would like this phone for myself, I would give it to my daughter. Her phone is cracked like crazy and we just can’t afford a new one right now.

  • wow awesome giveaway. I would love to win this because I don’t have a phone at the moment.I could really use this.

  • I would love to win this for my daughter. She has been using her current phone for the last five years. Its slow and outdated.

  • This is definitely a keeper as far as I’m concerned. My own phone needs to replaced, for some reason it suddenly scrolls through all the apps on my phone, calls people etc etc. I’ve had a few people look at it but no one knows the reason for it. At the moment it’s behaving well but it will happen again I’m sure.

  • I can’t find a link on your IG stories! “comment or click on link” not can I find a place to comment on them either. The ‘story’ fills my screen from top to bottom. No movement up or down either. 🙁

  • very generous of Samsung and yourself!! I think I would gift this to my husband as we only have 1 cell phone between the 2 of us and I guess I have pretty much claimed it as mine…..although I do let him use it sometimes…..

  • I don’t owe a good phone. I won’t get into that. I love to see this one hanging on my tree. I had an android tablet that I used for over five years. I loved it.

  • I would love to gift this to myself because I really, really need a new phone!! I have a very cheap obsolete phone that has been acting up lately and my provider said I will likely need to replace it soon. I would be so thrilled to replace it with this one! My husband has a Samsung (different model) and loves it.

  • What an incredible gift this would be for my parents who have never owned a smartphone. I am not joking when I say they use long-range walkie talkies if my dad needs to find my mom in the shopping mall, etc! It’s hilarious because everyone can hear their conversation & it looks so funny and out of place (especially when my dad says to her “over & out”. haha They need to get into this generation!

  • I would like to win this Samsung phone because believe it or not I do now own a cell phone. It would really be nice to have one. Thanks for the chance.

  • I would love to win this so much. I would gift it to my daughter as her phone only works half the time and I hate it when I can’t get a hold of her.

  • I would love to keep this for myself. I could text with this phone as well as take some decent photos. I still use an old Samsung Flip Phone so it would be a big upgrade! My children and grandchildren would no longer tease me about my dinosaur phone.

  • My mom could use a new phone. She still uses her old camera and it takes her forever to get it out of it’s case and turned on. She always misses good shots

  • I’d really like to win this for my son , his phone is really really bad lol , I have the A20 already and I know he likes it

  • I’d like to win this for my daughter who is going out of province on a school trip for a week. It would be a nice way for her to capture memories with the camera and text me too.

  • I have a Samsung work phone and I love it! However, I can’t take pictures of my kids on the work phone so I’d love to win this to use as a personal phone!

  • My teenage son would be the recipient of this beautiful phone. He’s had his for many years and it was one he had saved up for. It’s looking really rough and gives him trouble more than he’d like. He’s graduating high school this year and I’d love to give him this!

  • I would love to win this for my 22 year old son – he’s in university so upgrading his phone is the last thing on his mind. He’d love this.

  • I would like to win this for my parents. Their cell phone isn’t working right and I want them to have something to carry with them should they have a problem when they are out and about.

  • I this because my daughter.broke my phone 4 months into.this contract so i am using my old phone

  • My current phone is not very great, and has been acting up on me lately. I’d love to get a fresh new one that works well.

  • Very informative review.Thanks so much. I would love to own this phone as I love my own Samusung Galaxy. Problem is that my phone is a Galaxy6 and according to my children it is time to up my phone I really like that the screen is so big.

  • I would love to win this for my boyfriend. His phone is on its way out and I would love to surprise him with a new one.

  • I totally need a new phone, and I am a true Android user, plus all of my phones have been Samsung, they are great phones and have never let me down, this would be a great win to treat myself!

  • OK, you sold me on the Samsung Galaxy A20! It wasn’t hard considering I am using an iPhone 4s! Time to update my tech!
    I love the long-lasting, fast-charging battery on the Samsung, the amazing camera and the size of the screen.

  • I want to win one because I don’t own a cell phone and I need one. Also because I haven’t got enough savings to buy the phone right now either and this would sure help!

  • I would love to give this Samsung Galaxy A20 to my daughter. She’s a budding photographer and videographer. Happy holidays!

  • I would love to win because the camera sounds amazing on this phone and I love to be able to take pictures. I also have an older phone so an upgrade would be really nice for Christmas!

  • I would love this for myself of course, but I would gift it to my mother-in-law as she is in dire need of a bigger screen!

  • I love my current cellphone (a Moto Play) but drop it often enough that it’s only a matter of time, haha. I’ve planned on making my next phone a Samsung, as I have several friends who rave about the brand. I like the big screen.

  • I’d love this phone for myself. My battery drains WAY too quickly so the fact that this phone has a feature to help with battery life is amazing and something I need in my life!

  • Yes, I do what this device for myself. My phone is a little old and the touch screen doesn’t always work the way it should.

  • I’d love to win this phone because I only have a flip phone and I know from all you’ve said and shown us, as well as from my niece who uses her phone to take photos in her field work of archaeology, that this is the smart choice for my new phone. I need to take some great pictures of my grandkids before they are all grown up!

  • I could really use a new phone. My husband and son just got new ones. But not me. So I would love to try it out

  • Well, I admit – I would keep it for myself, because I’m without a phone at the moment. I had a Windows phone, but, I knew it wouldn’t be one I’d want to keep for too much longer, since they’re about to pull the plug on support for it, but then a friend accidentally elbowed it into a sink full of dishes….so now it doesn’t turn on or anything, and I think it’s a goner. Also, this looks like a great phone – I like the size a lot – and I also like Samsung….I never had a Samsung phone, but I’ve had good experiences with my Samsung laptop, so it’s a brand I trust now.

    • Oh and another reason I’d like to win is that I’m thinking the size would not only be good for Netflix and shows, as you mentioned, but also maybe even big enough for reading – and I love to read! I’m thinking it’d be great with the Kobo app.

  • I would love to win this for myself. I just graduated from an old blackberry to a “new to me” motorola and while I’m grateful, as someone who loves photography, the image quality of photos actually makes me cringey. This would be amazing for documenting family life!

  • Have been thinking of making the switch from Apple but don’t want to put out the money. So it’s more of being a cheapskate lol

  • Id love to win simply because I need a new phone, that can actually handle the workload I do on it. thanks for the chance. Merry Christmas

  • I would love this phone for myself. I rely on my phone for taking picture is my family and the camera is quite terrible actually. I’d love a new phone with an amazing camera and long lasting battery!

  • Oh, this is amazing. I need a new phone but so does my hubby. Ahhh, this is hard but I would probably give it to my husband so that he can have a better phone. It is the season of giving and I know for him, he would be so appreciative.

  • I would love to bring this beautiful device of a phone home for my hubby. We share everything so it’s hard to surprise him, but this totally would. He’d never expect to find this under the tree!!!

  • Since the flip phone blackberry days I have always had an iPhone. I have wanted to try a Samsung. Would love to win this to compare! My daughter is getting to the age where she should have something so we can keep in touch with her. She could have my iPhone and I would have this!

  • I would love a cell , at this point i only have been using a land line , but at this point it would be about the same monthly bill for a cell and way more convenient ! Not to mention id love a camera with me !

  • My daughter needs a new phone and this would be perfect. Hers is so old (5+ years) I am amazed it is still working.

  • I would love to win this awesome phone to gift to my son. His is now a few years old and he would be so thrilled to get a new one

  • It would be such a treat to upgrade to this phone. It sounds amazing! I especially love the large screen size/ratio, and the camera quality.

  • I’d love this phone… The long battery life and super fast charging capability excites me because my phone’s battery life is getting worse and worse.

  • I’d love to win this for my son, who will be going into grade 7 next year (gulp) and will be walking on his own to school (about a 20 minute walk). I would love the peace of mind of being able to connect with him.

  • I would love to win it for myself because I need a new phone as my current one is getting a little glitchy plus this would be perfect to take on a trip

  • I would like to win for myself because my very cheap, very old flip phone just isn’t doing it for me anymore.

  • I sounds too good to gift out, so I think it would be a gift to myself. I really like Samsung products.

  • I’d like to win because my significant other could use a phone upgrade and this would make the perfect Christmas gift – thanks for the generous contest & chance to win!!

  • I love Samsung products, they are user friendly and seem to work better with my games and the apps that I like to use. I seem to be a bit “tech unfriendly” so my son shows me how to do things and it is so much easier on samsung than when I see him try to do it on his (other company eye product 😉 ) plus my phone is now a dinosaur and it should be replaced with something I can see and find in my purse 😀 Thanks!

  • I would greatly appreciate this phone. I love to catch up on sports highlights so the6.4″ display sounds like a dream!

  • I would love to win this because I need something reliable to use and I haven’t the income to support a good upgrade 😁

  • awesome giveaway and great review on this device. I can see myself switching to Samsung in the near future. Thanks and Merry Christmas 🎄

  • I have the perfect person that needs this amazing phone. My daughter so she can take tons of beautiful photos of my grandson and send them to me.

  • I love Samsung Android phones – all my cell phones have been Samsung – My children have I-phones and there is always one problem or another & even with Apple Care it still very expensive to have them repaired.

    I’ve never ever had any problems with my Samsung phones & would never switch either. I am do for an upgrade for I have a Samsung 5 – winning this phone would sure be a step up in the right direction.

    Thanks for the chance.

  • I would like to have this phone because it would be an upgrade from my current device then I could pass my phone to my wife for a second phone.

  • This is an amazing prize to be won. It would be awesome to have a phone that takes pictures as you describe. I also have to admit to being an android snob and the only way to be won over would be with a gifted phone. Good luck to me.

  • That person would be me, my phone is 6 years old and I can’t download many apps which sucks. Especially apps that would help me save on groceries . Thank you so much for the chance

  • I would really love a new phone…mine is cheap…the screen is cracked and I don’t like it! Love Samsung products! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • I would give it to my husband right now we share a phone which is fine we are usually together but I’ve been away taking care of my sister last month and he hasn’t had a phone

  • I would love to win for my husband who has needed a new phone but something always comes up as they do. . He loves Samsung so receiving a brand new phone would be a huge surprise.

  • I would love to win for my husband who has needed a new phone but something always comes up as they do. . He loves Samsung so receiving a brand new phone would be a huge surprise.

  • I dropped my phone a few months back and never got it replaced. The screen is cracked in multiple spots. This phone would be amazing to win. I would keep it for myself.

  • I would love to keep this for myself and give my current phone to my son. His phone is so old ! He always has trouble charging it, even with different cables. This would be fantastic. Thanks Tenille!

  • I would love to win this for myself! I currently have the Samsung Galaxy S7 but it’s 2.5 years old now and the battery is starting to die super fast. I’ve been wanting to get a new Samsung phone and was looking at the S9 but can’t afford it right now so this would be such an amazing prize to win! A new phone to open for Christmas! Fingers crossed 🤞. Thanks for the chance!

  • I would like to win because I’m in need of a new phone. My current phone is from Samsung but it’s a few years old now & needs to be updated. I love Samsung phones!

  • OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been wanting a new phone for so long but just can’t afford it. it would be great to win this!

  • My husband would love this. It’d be the perfect surprise gift. We have to do a whole.whack of house repairs on our 110+ year old house so we’ve cut back on each other lately.

  • I would love to win this as I currently have an IOS and the battery drains very quickly. I love that Samsung Galaxy A20 battery charges quickly and how you can have a soft blurred background for selfies. I also am thrilled to read the display size is 6.4” which will make it easier to watch videos.

  • I would love to win bc my smart tv is a Samsung and you can use them together somehow – I’ve heard – and I am ‘in between phones’ right now, so a smart hone for xmas would be excellent!

  • I may keep it for myself, to use it for photos of myself, my family & my Etsy shop products. The camera is definitely attractive on this device.

    Thanks for the review, Tenille!

  • I want this phone because I would like to have a phone with more features. My phone is an old flip phone that I use just when I really need to. It would be nice to get a phone that can be used for entertainment with a half decent sized screen.

  • I would like to give this phone to my husband to replace the phone he keeps complaining is not user friendly.

  • I’ve been a pretty loyal iPhone fan, but I’m due for a new phone and really struggling financially this year. I’ve heard these phones take beautiful photos, and would totally switch just for that! 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  • This sounds like such an impressive phone for the price tag! I think it would be perfect for my 15 year old. He’s so impressed with his older brothers S10 but he’s not quite mature enough for such an expensive phone yet.

  • I’m in 5 years with my current Samsung, it’s age is really starting to become obvious, it’s time for an upgrade 🤗

  • Although I would love, and could use this phone, I’m mainly entering to win this for my daughter-in-law. Her phone recently stopped working and she really needs a new one. In this day in age most people her age only have a cell phone and not a home phone so without it she’s lost. It’s the only way she can keep in contact with work and everyone else for that matter. I would be so thrilled to be able to help her out by winning this.

  • I would love to win one of these for my son who is in University working his butt off!
    Doing very well, top of the class and is doing it all by himself with no financial help from his father who could afford to pay for his schooling however a dead beat. I am not in the postion to help financially but i woudl be so thrilled to gift this to him. He is an amazing kid and all good things should go his way as he has been through so much hurt etc from his dad that it is amazing he turned out as wonderful as he has
    xo to him

  • I would love this so much as my old LG takes Crappy pictures and no longer is holding a charge for more than an hour! A new phone is just not in the budget right now, Thanks for the chance