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By Brittany Caffet

There is nothing more important and special than feeding your baby. Whether your little bundle of joy gets their nutrition from the breast or a bottle, it’s the perfect time to find a quiet corner, snuggle, and create that special bond that can only exist between a parent and their child. As beautiful as it is, feeding your baby can also be incredibly stressful.

If your baby breastfeeds, you’re probably worried about latch, supply, and sore nipples. If your baby is fed by bottle, you have to concern yourself with finding a nipple that works for them, sterilizing bottles, and dealing with the extra gas that can come with bottle feeding! Henry is fed with a combination of breast and bottle, and we are very glad to have the MAM Feed & Soothe Gift Set to help alleviate some of the stresses that come with bottle feeding!

We tried a few other bottles when we first brought Henry home, but he prefers MAM over anything else! Right now he uses a slow flow nipple, but the set also includes 2 medium flow nipples for when he is a bit older. The nipples are made with SkinSoft textured silicone to help them stay in baby’s mouth and feel more natural. Henry easily transitions between my breast and the bottle, something that was a big concern for us when we began introducing bottle feeds. If your baby struggles with colic, gas, or reflux, MAM’s anti-colic bottles are a great choice! They are made with a special vented base that helps to ensure that no air gets into baby’s tummy while they are eating.

My very favourite thing about these bottles is the self-sterilizing feature! Simply add one ounce of water to the MAM Anti-Colic baby bottle and pop in the microwave for 3 minutes and it comes out sterile and ready to use. The bottles come completely apart and have extra wide openings, making them a breeze to wash in the sink after each feed. Cleaning bottles doesn’t get much easier than this!

The MAM Feed & Soothe gift set also includes 2 pacifiers! They are made of the same SkinSoft textured silicone as the bottle nipples and is specifically designed to promote healthy oral development.

Bringing a newborn home is tough enough – keeping them fed and happy shouldn’t have to be. MAM’s Feed & Soothe gift set is the perfect gift for any new baby or expecting parent!

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