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Hasbro Porcupine Pop Game

Who will make the porcupine pop? This exciting kids’ game combines simple play with silliness and suspense. Roll the dice, press the porcupine’s nose that number of times, and hope his darts don’t fly out.

No one knows when that will happen, and the only player not to make the porcupine pop wins. Kids can switch up the gameplay and try a round where whoever makes him pop first wins. Or try a game where each dart color is assigned points and when the porcupine pops, players race to grab as many darts as they can, and the player with the most points wins.

The Porcupine Pop preschool game is for kids ages 4 and up and combines fun and easy play with an exciting surprise. The suspense grows as kids wait to see who will make the porcupine pop. Press his nose, and if he pops, the darts will go flying.

What I myself like about this game is that it can be played solo – when I was a kid I grew up like an only child (my siblings were all teenagers when I was born) so I had very few games for that reason. I craved them, and this would have been a great one to play alone or with friends when I had playdates!

Great for gift-giving this holiday season, the game is ready to go out of the box (no batteries required) and would be great for new year’s eve fun as well!

Find Hasbro’s Porcupine Pop game at Toys R Us ($18.67), Indigo ($24.95), and ($18.67).

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