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GameRox In Your Stocking (Stocking Rox?)

Collectables are BIG right now (did they ever go away?) and it’s likely the children in your life are collecting something (once they’re teens it’s dirty dishes and pop cans in their room, not as fun…) so a collectable item makes a great stocking stuffer idea.

GameRox™ is the all-new pick up and play stone flipping game that’s easy to learn for people ages 8 to 108. Each GameRox starter pack comes with 5 collectible GameRox™, a reusable storage case, and instructions on how to play.

Series include: Cracked, Puzzimals, Mish-Mash and Critter Crew! Even if your little ones decide they don’t want to play the game – or create one of their own – I think the collectable itself will be coveted by kids.

My daughters (ages 8 and 11) have been playing with GameRox and Everleigh (8) says, “The game is really fun, but it’s really stressful!” So now you know. 😉

We all know how the holiday season gets with collectables and hot gifts and the frenzy, so if you’d like to pick up GameRox for stocking stuffers, do it now! You can find GameRox at ($12.97 for 2 packs), Indigo ($7.00), and other stores I’m sure this holiday season!

Enter to win TWO GameRox for gift giving this holiday season! Just fill in your name and email address in the form below and click BEGIN! Then just leave a comment on this post sharing what YOU collected when you were a kid (for me it was stickers!)


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