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Kal Tire Honours Canada’s Road Heroes

This Canada Day, Kal Tire celebrates everyday Canadians hitting the road to help other Canadians. Many organizations in Canada benefit from the outstanding dedication and time volunteers bring to them. Without volunteers many organizations would simply not exist, and it’s often not until you or a family member is in need of assistance do these organizations and the work of volunteers become known. Specifically, the role of volunteer drivers is one that Kal Tire wanted to recognize.

We take for granted the simple things in life we have to help us day to day. I got my driver’s license the day after I turned sixteen and haven’t really given it much thought since. It wasn’t until exactly a year ago this month – in June of 2018 – that the impact of being without a driver’s license hit me with a force so strong it nearly knocked me to the ground. After suffering an out-of-the-blue seizure, the ER doctor and neurologist on call determined that, for the time being, my drivers license had to be suspended. There was no test, no argument I could bring forth, it was simply a procedural step taken that day in the ER and our family was left figuring out what to do next. Thankfully, my license was only suspended for a few months over the summer while doctors determined a diagnosis and course of treatment but in that time while dealing with all the scary parts of a new health diagnosis I also had to rely on others to get pick me up to go for groceries, or take my kids and me to the mall so we could spend a few hours out of the house. I can’t imagine what it’s like not only not being able to drive and have that independence long-term, but to also feel ill and tired after cancer treatments, for example, and not even have the energy to ask a friend for a ride, knowing they’d do it in a heartbeat but not wanting to be a bother. Volunteer drivers are angels on wheels, don’t you think?

Together, the contest entrants drove 566,000 kilometres in the last year alone to help people in need—single moms needing a ride to radiation treatment, seniors awaiting a warm, healthy meal, and youth with different abilities participating in social activities.

From an incredible host of submissions from BC to Ontario, eight amazing volunteers were selected as winners. While these driving volunteers help make our communities go‘round, all that time on the road takes a toll on their vehicles and tires.

Three top prizes were awarded:

  1. Trevor West; Edmonton, AB; Canadian Cancer Society’s Wheels of Hope
  2. Randy Scharf; Richmond, BC; Health & Home Care Society of BC (Meals on Wheels)
  3. Diane Thompson; Dunsford, ON; Community Care Health & Care Network

These three winners each enjoy a prize package for their personal vehicle that includes a new set of tires, a wheel alignment, oil changes for a year, summer and winter wiper blades, a brake replacement and a $500 donation to their volunteer organization.

Five runner up prizes were also awarded:

  1. Wendy Ireland; Surrey, BC; The Volunteer Cancer Drivers Society
  2. Peter Simpson; Surrey, BC; The Volunteer Cancer Drivers Society
  3. Barbara Gray; Calgary, AB; Canadian Cancer Society
  4. George Spence; Kingston, Ontario; Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB)
  5. Joe Hall; Milton, Ontario; Canadian Cancer Society’s Wheels of Hope

These five runner-up winners each enjoy a new set of tires and a wheel alignment for their personal vehicle and a $500 donation to their volunteer organization.

You can learn more about this contest and each of the winners at and in the coming weeks I’ll be sharing more info online about each of the winners to highlight their work and thank them for their volunteer service!

What about you? Have you ever had to rely on a volunteer driver (whether part of an organization or maybe someone in your own circle who stepped up to help you or your family)? Or do you know someone who volunteers their time to drive others and deserves a shout out of recognition?

I’m so happy to partner with Kal Tire to further share the role of volunteer drivers in our society and thank them ever further. We’d like to hear about a volunteer driver you know of, and reward one lucky reader with a prize package to pass along to that volunteer as our way of saying thank you from Kal Tire and the Feisty Frugal & Fabulous reader community!

The Kal Tire prize package includes 1 oil change and a Road Side Safety Kit (total prize value $300!)

To enter to win, just fill in your name and email address in the form below and click BEGIN. Then, leave a comment on this blog post telling us about a volunteer driver in your life that deserves a shout-out!


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  • I am unable to drive due to a medical condition. I have two wonderful people who drive me places I need to go.

  • I have never rely on volunteers, but a co-worker use to be a volunteer driver for a senior center.

  • the question on the blog asks for volunteers – that would be my wonderful dad who time and time again picks me up/drives me if I have car issues or to the airport for travel (even at 4 am!)

  • I am fortunate (at present) that I can still get around. I am so happy to resources are there. They have been offered to me, but not yet.

  • As for volunteer driver, I broke my ankle 3 months ago and couldn’t get around at all (it was my driving foot). My neighbour was incredible and drove me everywhere I needed to go.

  • For volunteer drivers I would have to mention the people that drive the seniors around in my town. I’m not certain of their names but I see them around quit a bit and I’m sure the seniors and their families really appreciate it.

  • I’ve been volunteering with the Toronto Trailblazers for many years. We bike with blind and visually impaired cyclists. Our volunteer driver Chris has been incredible. He goes out of his way to ensure we all get ourselves and the bikes safely too/from the cycling venues. He’d be a great recipient.

  • My Dad is in his mid 80s but still is a great driver who cares about others. He used to drive with my mother and deliver meals with Meals On Wheels in the town they lived in. When he moved to the city and got settled in we knew he would find another volunteer opportunity. He soon saw a need of some of his neighbours within their 50+ complex who needed a ride getting to their medical appointments as well as picking up groceries and prescriptions. In between their own appointments he takes these seniors with the help of my mother to run their errands. They do it because they care and because they feel blessed to be able to still get around.

  • My sister lives out of town and offers the others ladies rides into town for grocery shopping etc.

  • I do not know any volunteer driver’s personally but would love to give a big shout-out to all those that are.

  • My Daughter Melissa is a volunteer driver ,she gives other ladies in her neighbourhood rides to the store or appointments

  • I’m fortunate enough to not have to rely on a volunteer driver. Living in a rural area, it would be very isolating to not be able to drive. My husband’s grandmother required volunteer drivers and we were grateful for their help.

  • I haven’t needed to rely on a volunteer driver, but this is amazing! So glad those volunteers got the recognition they deserve. What a lovely story to read

  • Where my children go to school, there is no bus no myself and other parents have started to team up to make life easier for each other and we carpool our kids, working around each others schedule’s. I’d like to thank Magalie for helping us by picking up our son for school, especially during the cold winter months.

  • My Grandma receives meals on wheels 3 times a week. At 91 it is such an amazing service for her. The best part is that the volunteers who deliver aren’t “just drivers”. The short conversations and interactions she has are something she looks forward to and as a grandchild living far away I am glad to know that she sees a few more friendly faces durring the week even if only for a short time it makes a difference for her.

  • I don’t know any personally, but I have great respect for those that do it. It’s so difficult for the elderly and ill or disabled to get to appointments, go shopping, or even get out for a little fun (movies? park?).

  • I don’t know any volunteer drivers but my Dad was always the driver in my house growing up until I got my licence

  • A friend of mine drives cancer patients to their appointments, not sure of the name of the organization.

  • My friend, Joanne is worthy of this. She drives to pick up groceries and delivers to homebound seniors. A huge heart!

  • My sister is always volunteering to drive whether it me or her in-laws or kids from the school for field trips wen their parents aren’t available.