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Since childhood our bedrooms have always been our space. Whether you shared it with a sibling or had your own room, your space defined who you were. Messy, organized, a fan of pastels or dark velvet – our bedrooms grow with us to adulthood as our tastes change and adapt. Today, my (OK fine “our”) bedroom is my haven. It’s mom’s place to read a book, retreat to the ensuite for a bubble bath and Netflix, or just fold laundry on the bed and listen to talk radio.

After moving into our house over three years ago, we promptly put up one beautiful photo on our bedroom wall, our wedding canvas, and that was it. As the years passed I couldn’t figure out what to put on the walls, even though the rest of our house has walls filled with family memories. How would I pick which one would go in our room? Just one?

I found the perfect piece while shopping at Lowe’s! This gorgeous Umbra 4×6 Age Walnut Picture Frame features a total of 11 spaces for photos (you can also combine a space to make 1 larger photo in some spots) along with a unique design giving you the smallest of shelving space, depending on the way it’s hung on your wall.

The walnut colour matches our bedroom decor perfectly and now I’m surrounded by a collage of photos from a family vacation to Mexico reminding me of the warmth and all the fun we had.

With one piece complete, I was then left to figure out how to fill the space above the headboard on the feature wall of our master bedroom. And then, I saw it!

This Hobbitholeco Canvas Print Wall Art from Lowe’s has the perfect colour combination, but it’s truly the texture that sets it apart.

Created with multiple colours and finishes, the texture of this art makes it stand out. In daylight the sun captures different elements than what you’d notice in the evening, and every day I see a new colour blend.

You can see the colour variance in both photos above – close up and further away with our regal labradoodle standing guard – which illustrates how interesting the piece is.

Both wall decor items seen here are available at Lowe’s in store and online – simply visit a store to see it in person for yourself or follow the links to find it online!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in partnership with Lowe’s Canada. All opinions are, as always, my own.

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