For All The Pretty Things

Why is it that we only really decorate our house from the inside out for the holiday season? I absolutely love doing it, but then I feel a sense of loss when I pack away all the pretty shiny things in the new year. Why don’t we decorate year-round? Why doesn’t my house scream PINTEREST when people walk in? I have no answers, but I do know that I want to add more of those pretty shiny things to my household in 2018 and have fun with decor a little more. Of course, having the right essentials in place to do so can help.

Two new items in my household make it easy to bring in a touch of the season – whatever the season – to life. First, this Faunus SQ Wooden Tray makes an easy table centerpiece while being a functional piece as well. Sure, at Christmas, Santa prefers having his milk and cookies by the tree waiting in a sturdy tray like this, but after the holidays I like using a wooden tray for hosting friends, or simply creating one-stop-spot for any fun meal. It’s the perfect spot for storing pretty little things!

This tray can be stocked with fun dishware like the photos here, or you can use it for cutlery, napkins, and toothpicks for an outdoor BBQ. When having a breakfast gathering, fill it with coffee creamer, sugar, and fun mugs for your guests. Handles like these on the side are essential, of course, and ensure you can move it easily from table, to island, to coffee table or even the bed for a brunch surprise. Find the Faunus SQ Wooden Tray at here!

It’s true, we don’t typically think of all the accessories I’ve been sharing from Lowes when you think “furniture store” because, of course, we’ve come to know that’s where Lowes excels – furniture! And so, I couldn’t wait to bring a new piece of furniture into our home this winter, and to share it with you as well!

I am absolutely delighted with this Monarch Specialties 244 Hall Table from Lowes! Seeing it on the website, I knew I had the perfect spot for it – the front entrance of my house now that I have a brand new door with a gorgeous glass window letting in the beautiful natural light and sunshine every morning. The measurements are also available to ensure you too find the perfect spot too. Building it took my husband and son about an hour to put together, and the end result was so worth the anticipation.

Just in time for the holidays, I was excited to decorate this table to add a little festive cheer to our entrance! With three shelves, there’s plenty of space for all the pretty things each season. I think I’ll end up changing the display a little bit monthly! Candles, picture frames and plants are always perfect as go-to’s for displaying. This item is a Lowes online exclusive and shipping is included in the price! In the new year, I plan to add some winter cheer to this table like snowflake themed candle holders and some photos.

I’m always finding little treasures when I’m out shopping and yes, they can add up when you don’t have a place to display them. Now that I have two new spots – one big, one small, for displaying all the pretty shiny things – perhaps it’s time to find more in the new year?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post in partnership with Lowes Canada. All opinions are, as always, my own.


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