My 4 Healthy Lifestyle Hacks for Success

If you read my blog often (of course you do!) and especially if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen a gradual transition I’ve made in the past 18 months. There was no singular event that turned the switch on deciding to make a lifestyle overhaul, but one day I just decided it was time. Many people reportedly do the same, whether that day be January 1st or a random day in April like me. It’s daunting at first; your body is telling you it’s feeling tired, achy, weight-y (lol) and making a promise to push yourself to move more and make better choices has to happen first. The result of that day, that decision to change things, has been an amazing one for me. Twenty-eight pounds lighter (give or take, I float up and down 3 pounds which works for me), more energetic, and definitely smarter, the change has been a welcome one. Thinking back about the past year and a half, here is what really made the difference for me, my 4 healthy lifestyle hacks!

1. Be aware of what you’re eating. First and foremost, start learning about calorie counts, read labels and track your calories! It is a huge eye-opener to see the calories in some of your favourite foods, and then how those calories add up at the end of the day. I use an app called My Fitness Pal which makes it super easy to keep track and look up the calories in items I’m unsure of. You don’t have to obsess over every morsel that goes in your mouth, but awareness is key and can help you make better decisions.

2. Move more! This is sometimes the hardest part of the lifestyle transition for me because I work from home, so there isn’t an option to “park farther way” or “take the stairs” to my office. Still, even working from home I’ve found ways to incorporate more movement into my day. Before the snow fell, that meant a bike ride when time allowed, or even just a walk around the block instead of a quick jaunt to get the mail. We live in a two-story house, so I’d challenge myself to run up and down our staircase 10 times, instead of just once to go grab the laundry. Little changes add up. And then you add more on top of that. Invest in a step-counter to track, just like your calories, and see how much (or little!) you’re moving in a day.

3. Take your vitamins and get adequate rest (yes, all the things your mom told you!) I have taken a daily multi-vitamin now every day for over 18 months! I have never in my life taken a vitamin every day for that long. We start, we stop. We start again. I don’t know what impact it’s made on my overall health, but I can only guess that filling in any nutritional and mineral gaps has made a positive difference based on what I see every day in the mirror, on the scale, and in my stamina.

I don’t eat any seafood. Zero. None. Nada. So, I know it’s important that I get Omega-3 in my diet and in the winter months I’m not able to get out for my bike rides and running so Vitamin D is a concern as well. Check this out: OmegaSea is a great tasting, ultra-pure Omega-3 supplement available in chocolate and lemon flavours for families and bubblegum bonanza flavour for kids. With one tasty teaspoon a day, you’ll get a healthy dose of liquid omega-3 and vitamin D which maintain good health, cardiovascular health and brain function. Additionally, OmegaSea kids promotes brain, eyes, and nerve development in children up to 12 years of age so the kids are yumming it up with OmegaSea now as well. There’s no fishy after-taste (or worse, burps!) and the flavours make it super-easy to add it to a smoothie. Look for OmegaSea products in the pharmacy section at your local Walmart, Rexall, Superstore, Fortino’s and more.

4. Try new things, but don’t do something you hate. In the past 18 months I’ve learned how to actually run (using an app called Couch to 5K by ZenLabs that I highly recommend), tried hot yoga (I’m completely unflexible and uncoordinated but I didn’t die so that’s a win), and walked into a gym for the first time. I even hired a personal trainer to show me what the heck to do with all those weird machines. After a few months I realized going to the gym was more of a chore than something I looked forward to and I decided it wasn’t for me. It doesn’t mean I’ll never go back, and certainly doesn’t mean it was a fail. I tried it. I did it. And now I’m doing something else (back to my treadmill and weights at home!)

Be gentle with yourself, and remember that the goal of any lifestyle change whether it be losing weight, getting more fit, or simply eating healthier is to better yourself. You’re not changing the views or opinions of anyone else and certainly not doing it for anyone but yourself. If you’re satisfied with your path, that’s what matters. If you’re not, change it. I’m so thankful to live in a time where motivation, encouragement and ideas are at my fingertips online. I’m constantly learning and evaluating, and once in awhile I’m pouring a glass of wine and opening a snack sized chocolate bar. It’s what works for me, and hopefully one or more of these little hacks will work for you too!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of OmegaSea. As always, my opinions and witty commentary are my own.




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  • First I just want to say you look gorgeous! These are definitely some awesome tips. My whole family is trying to make some positive changes to our overall habits. Vitamins are my personal number one.

  • Well done. And some great tips. Glad to hear I am not the only one that sometimes struggles to take my Vitamins every single day, but I am learning to make it a priority.

  • Great tips. You have done well. I can’t run any longer but do try to get as much exercise in every day in other ways and I watch what I eat.

  • I still suck at the calorie counting, but as for moving more, since my daughter went back to school Sept 5, I’ve been walking every week. My goal is 25km a week and I usually hit it. Since the roads are crap, my hubby even bought me a treadmill to keep it up.

  • You look amazing and way to go!! I really need to do something and to get off my butt, but suffering from pain on a daily basis is really hard!

  • Wow, twenty-eight pounds lighter that is a huge difference. I’m trying to lose some weight too, the first 9 lbs went easily but now I seem to be stuck!

  • I use to do Yoga in the park in the summer, I was never co-ordinated either but it was awesome! I can’t do it anymore but I keep up with Aquafit, you don’t burn as much calories in the water but I do it to stay fit. I walk 5 days a week. I manage not to gain back the 18lbs I lost and lost 2 more pounds. I don’t want to loose more, but with less junk food it’s bound to happen. I always hate healthy but I loved my potato Chips and chocolate.

  • I do feel better when I exercise and I agree you need to try new things but it you don’t like it you won’t stick with it.

  • Congrats on making the life style changes & losing the 28 pounds, you look awesome! We started taking our vitamins daily about a month ago and they seem to be helping.

  • you have done so well for yourself hun! such an inspiration because you keep your goals alive and living a healthier life BUT you are not depriving yourself from the things you love <3 i am the same way. hell a life without chocolate and wine…i couldnt even imagine

  • These are great hacks and I think it’s really important to get going and to stay motivated the older we get. I like to walk and bike and I just have to say that my bike is identical to yours…same color and everything. LOL Anyway without getting too far off the subject I think you have done great and you look really good.

  • You’ve got great tips and advice plus you can tell that your advice works just by looking at because you look great !

  • I definitely agree about the vitamins and rest. I can tell if I don’t take my vitamins on my every day health.

  • Congratulations, this is amazing! These are some great suggestions, I will definitely be checking out My Fitness Pal, and your Omega-3 supplement suggestions, thank you for sharing! 🙂

  • Some great tips, I think it is very important to figure out what works for you and not try to fit into the boxes. We are trying to make some changes here too that we can stick to.

  • Tracking is so important – and so tricky to do when you’re eating real foods and not packaged stuff – weighing, portioning lol drives me batty!

  • Great tips. I have trouble remembering to take my vitamins each day.

    I drink lots of water and have cut out almost all sugar from my diet.

  • I have just started taking (a month) an Omega 3 liquid supplement – as I also do not consume any fish. I have to say, in the one months time I DO feel a difference and can see it in my hair and nails.. It is amazing one little change can make a huge difference

  • Great tips! As a person who has lost over 100lbs probably at least 6 times in my life, I should really do some of these things; chronic illness usually stops me unfortunately!

  • This is exactly what I needed today! I’ve been working on moving more for the last few months but I really need to be more aware of my eating and trying new things! I should probably look into vitamins too. I only take vitamin D these days but I know my body is low on several things.