Dairyland Gives Back

Living in Saskatchewan, we have an identity of our own and we wear our Sask Pride proudly. We love our football, our farmers, and our (small) city life. We celebrate our diversity and welcome newcomers. We also encompass a bigger community, being part of Western Canada and enjoy our unique presence in our Canadian landscape.

Dairyland has been a part of our childhoods and a part of being Western Canadian for all of us. In fact, Dairyland is celebrating their 100th anniversary this year, and that’s a huge reason to celebrate! Since 1917, Dairyland has been a part of Western Canadian culture and while the delivery service has changed from horse and buggy to grocery store fridges, what hasn’t changed is their commitment to delivering the highest quality products to Canadians and – most important to me – the fact that they’ve always remained here in Western Canada.

As part of their 100th anniversary celebrations, Dairyland is partnering with Breakfast Club of Canada to give back to kids right here in Western Canada! Until November 6th, purchase any Dairyland limited edition 1L or 2L anniversary milk carton and they will provide up to 12,000 breakfasts to kids through the Breakfast Club of Canada.

Operating from coast to coast, the Breakfast Club of Canada is a nation-wide organization that help feeds 203,852 students every day, serving nearly 33 million breakfasts per year.

Right here in Western Canada, the regional office consists of 380 clubs with a daily attendance of 56,881 students and nine million breakfasts served per year. Wow!


As a mom of three, I of course know and value the importance of starting the day with a healthy breakfast and a full belly before school. It saddens me that there are thousands of kids across our country that may not get that opportunity if not for organizations like the Breakfast Club of Canada. My oldest son is thirteen and not keen on being on my social media right now, rightfully so because thirteen, but the amount he has grown in just this past year is astounding and I can’t help but share (with his blessing, lol!). We were shoulder to shoulder this spring and he’s now passed my 5’7” height. When my husband and I sat back and realized how much milk we purchase for the kids per week, it’s no surprise. Our household, with three kids, goes through four 4L jugs of Dairyland Milk every week (we purchase every Sunday and yes, it’s only Dairyland because it tastes the best!).

Remember, when you’re buying your milk over the next month, look out for the limited edition 1L or 2L anniversary milk cartons and support the Breakfast Club of Canada.

To give back to Canadian families, Dairyland is hosting a pretty amazing anniversary contest and entering is super-easy!

Consumers can enter to win one of four Dairyland Prize Packs valued at $1000! Each prize pack includes a one year’s supply of Dairyland milk, Dairyland apron, vintage Dairyland bottle, serving tray, Dairyland cookies, cereal bowls and spoons, pack of straws and a Dairyland tote bag.

A winner will be drawn every week from October 9th to November 6th. The contest is open to residents of B.C., AB, MB, or SK who are at the age of majority in their province of residence. Limit of one (1) entry per person per week.

Enter at!





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