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How Save-On-Foods is Part of My Frugal Shopping Strategy

The brand new, and first in the city of Saskatoon, Save-On- Foods location is set to open in just a few days. While I know everyone is eager to check out the variety of foods and products available in the store, I also know that frugal shoppers like myself are curious on how Save-On- Foods prices compare to their current shopping favorites.

While every store may share a sale flyer weekly, it can become overwhelming to figure out which store is “best” for your family’s grocery needs, and when tasked with trying to trim the budget the techniques used by shopping “experts” like myself may seem like a whole new hobby in and of itself. The thing is, it IS a hobby but I like saving money and I like being a bit of a boss about it and in reality: it isn’t all that hard when you know what to do.

First, let’s talk about flyers. I most certainly check out flyers weekly and plan my shopping. Flipp App is my favorite smart phone app for this purpose because it enables you to not only, yes, flip through flyers but you can also build shopping lists right on the app. You can also, of course, flip through the flyers delivered to your door weekly.

You can also, of course, compare prices and find sales and while this is a super-handy way to do it, you’re not saving money in the long run if you’re driving to four different stores for your weekly grocery haul. My advice? Find a store that has the products you love, at prices you can afford, with customer service you expect, and a price-guarantee so you know you’re always getting the lowest price guaranteed.

Yup, you guessed it: Save-On- Foods. Now let me explain how you’re going to be a super savvy shopping expert in no time, and recommending Save-On- Foods to your friends.

So, what does this all mean for you – the consumer? First, it means that every week, Save-On- Foods is going to scour their competitors flyers to ensure they match the lowest price guaranteed on over 850+ items in store. Those are the items that, should you find them listed in a current flyer elsewhere, will be FREE when you point it out to a Save-On- Foods customer service representative.

How do you know what items fall in that 850 item category?

You can check out the list here: https://www.saveonfoods.com/always-lowest-guarantee-product- list/ It’s grouped by similar products to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for but the 850+ items include all flavours and varieties within each product family. Every week when the Save-On-Foods flyer is delivered to your house, you’ll also be able to identify items that have the Always Lowest Guaranteed promise.

All of these items are part of the Always Lowest Guaranteed promise at Save-On-Foods!

Items that I will frequently check the ALG price on (because we go through them like crazy in a house with three kids!) are: Kraft Macaroni Original Dinner 225g, Kraft Processed Cheese Slices Singles 450g, Christie Oreo Cookies 198-303g, Aymler Tomatoes 796ml, Heinz Canned Baked Beans 398ml and Ocean Spray Cranberry Cocktail 6X295ML/1.36-1.89L. All these items regularly go on sale at competitors, but if Save-On- Foods is going to guarantee they’re the cheapest price at their stores, I’m going to shop there (and maybe get them free if they’re not the cheapest, but they’ve got a pretty good eye to ensure they are!) I like this. Not because a customer can score free products (which is always great) but because it means Save-On- Foods is putting their money where their mouth is. They want your loyalty and are doing the work to gain it.

Now, what if you find an item priced lower, but it’s not on that 850+ item list?

You’re already a Save-On- Foods shopper, and don’t want to run to a different store just for that item. Easy. Save-On- Foods will happily price match those items as well to save you time – just bring in the local competitor’s flyer. Again, they want that customer loyalty and will work for it. Hooray!

For full details on the program check it out here:
https://www.saveonfoods.com/the-always- lowest-guarantee/



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  • I love a store that price matches! The freebie twist though is something we don’t have at grocery stores in Quebec. That would be wicked amazing!!