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How I Get Free Groceries With More Rewards

As a reader of this blog, you likely know how much I love sharing tips on saving money and making your family budget stretch just a little bit further. This blog started back in 2008, after all, when we were a single-income family and I was trying to figure out how to stay afloat with two tiny children. Fast forward almost ten years and we’re a busy family of five with what has now turned into a dual-income family thanks to this very blog you’re reading.

One strategy I used very early on, and still use today, is to make the most of rewards programs. It boggles my mind when I’m at a store and the person in front of me at the checkout says they don’t have a rewards card. Why leave those points and reward redemptions sitting there?

With Save-On-Foods now officially open in Saskatoon, now is the time to sign-up for their rewards program, the very first time you visit the store (seriously, imagine shopping there for a year and then finally deciding you should “probably get that card”)! On my past visits there has always been a helpful staff member to assist you on the sign-up process, but if not you can visit customer service upon entering the store, or speak with a cashier. You can also sign up online at https://www.morerewards.ca/enroll

Like all rewards programs, the More Rewards program gives you a points-value-per-dollar spent in store. Currently, the structure is 1 point per dollar spent. However, there are of course ways to earn bonus rewards on particular items every week. Also, you’ll note that the Save-On-Foods flyers have bonus rewards coupons as well. If I haven’t viewed the flyer ahead of time (which is rare), you can also get the bonus reward coupons on the Save-On-Foods app.

More Rewards has a variety of partners where you can earn points for your everyday spending. You can start earning points now at any of their grocery, gas, entertainment, automotive, financial, and travel partners – the opportunities are endless, and easier than you think. Nearly 500 retail locations mean more points for you, faster than ever before. You can see all the partners and start planning your shopping strategy here: www.morerewards.ca/partners

Now that Save-On-Foods has been open in Regina for over a year, and I’ve also visited the Yorkton store (my hometown!) I’ve managed to accumulate a really great points total thanks to my everyday grocery purchases, taking advantage of those bonus points offers, and visiting More Rewards partners (I’m a Petro Canada customer, and gas between two vehicles can add up points quickly too!)

Now, the fun part – what can customers redeem More Rewards points for? As a More Rewards member, you are able to simply earn and redeem points as you go on grocery items (free milk, free potatoes), this can help busy cash-strapped families weekly) or you can horde your points like I do and wait to redeem for something larger.

Like a trip? More Rewards has a huge travel section on their website, where you can see destinations worth putting on your dream board to work towards, and ways that you can earn More Rewards points on your family travel. Of course, there’s also a huge More Rewards catalog filled with everything from gift cards to kitchen appliances to pet products!

When you log into your More Rewards account online, you can even see your transaction history and where you earned the most points. I love this part because you can clearly see how utilizing bonus offers pays off.

As a bit of an experiment, I wanted to show my readers how much free groceries I could pick up on one shopping trip, with an average number of accumulated points. I say average, because it would be unfair to show you something that takes three years to gain the points for, but rather an idea of what you could get if you shop smart and utilize those bonus points offers I mentioned.

Here’s what I purchased just last week for a total point redemption of 20,000 points:

(These items I was able to receive entirely for free!)

You can see how much of an impact More Rewards can make on a family’s grocery budget!

Here’s a tip for all of the extreme point collectors like me: you can get the More Rewards Visa through Scotiabank where you can earn 6x your points on groceries and at More Rewards partners and 4X the points everywhere else! You’ll be on your way to Mexico before you know it!





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  • Sounds like a great program which we don’t have in my province but I have shopped at Save-on-Foods many time in Alberta and oops used my sons card.

  • We don’t have one of these where I live but I make use of every rewards program that I can! I love my PC Points 🙂

  • That is awesome! sounds just like the program I use but it is the pc points with loblaws. Really comes in handy with all the points you can save up and use on free groceries

  • I’ve been collecting Save On Rewards points for years and love redeeming my points for everyday items like milk and eggs. Free milk just tastes better!

  • Can’t wait to check out save on foods and their reward system. We’re loving our PC points and of course, cash back at costco!

  • I like my more reward card and use my points for free grocery too. I find it expensive there compare to Walmart. I know they Match price but I don’t have a smart phone, so I have to bring the flyers.

  • This sounds like a great program. We don’t have it in Ontario, but I definitely use my PC points card every time I shop at Loblaws/Superstore/NoFrills etc. and also when filling up at the Superstore gas station. Every little bit helps! I’ve redeemed over $40 worth of free groceries in no time!

  • Saving on great deals and redeeming for more deals. All those savings can go towards a treat for my family. Love it!

  • I LOVE rewards programs. I seriously can’t go anywhere without my more-rewards card. Love seeing the points add up and applying them towards savings!!!

  • We do not have this store where I am, but I do belong to reward programs for the stores I do shop at, it helps at the end of the year around the holidays!!

  • I don’t understand people who don’t sign up for reward cards. I use PC, Airmiles, and Optimum regularly, and really look forward to my free stuff. You’re leaving money on the table if you don’t sign up.

  • I have quite a few of these cards, including the More Rewards card, PC, Optimum, Winners, collect Airmiles for my son etc. I have a money back credit card, keep an eye out for sales etc.

  • I always use my Rewards card. I have managed to get a ton of stuff through Shoppers Optimum alone.

  • Save On More Rewards is probably one of the best rewards programs out there! I rarely redeem for groceries but find the best bang for the buck is either travel (Have flown to New York City and just paid for my Vegas hotel and last year paid most of two flights to London, UK). I have been shopping there since it opened. I have bought two Mac Books and numerous Westjet vouchers (pre travel rewards program) as well as many BC ferries vouchers. I just love it!

    • Would love to know how many points you need for a trip to England! How long did,it take you to save up enough points?

      I shop,at Save On a lot and only,enough points for a passenger fare on the Ferry!

  • Collecting the points is great. Have been doing it since the beginning. It is better to save them up and purchase other items than groceries, though. It takes some time to collect a lot of points, then you use them for free food, eat the food, and you have nothing to show for it. Only good to use for food if you’re on a tight food budget.

    P.s. Used to work there!

    • I agree-when you do a points per $ food items aren’t the best bang for the buck. The BC ferries tickets are definitely worth it and the travel rewards.

      • Very late to this discussion, but unless you never go anywhere, More Rewards points are far, far more valuable as a travel program than as anything else. Looking at your savings, you spent 14,300 points to save $27.47. Now for most people who just buy and scan the card to get 1 point/$, that’s the equivalent of 0.19 cents back on every dollar spent. Which is a complete disaster, if even a basic cashback credit card gets you 1%. If you carefully shop, though, you could expect to earn 10x that on average, although (as someone who keeps way too many stats on this) my average since the beginning of 2016 has been 14 points/$ (with a best of 595 points/$). We typically earn 250k-300k points/year.

        But even at 10 points/$, that $27.47 is only 1.9 cents back per dollar spent.

        Travel, on the other hand, is a flat rate of $0.00424 in travel credit per point. Or, if you calculate this per dollar spent, 4.24 cents per dollar spent. Or, 4.24% cashback. But if you’re serious about maximizing points you could do a lot better. e.g. this week I earned >20,000 points on $300 (lots of stocking up on non-perishables we always use and bonus points) and walked away at the end with more than 30% cashback.

  • We don’t have a Save on Foods in my hometown but I do use the PC rewards for the store that we have and it really does save.

  • Save-On-Foods will soon be opening right near me & I’m super excited! I already have a More Rewards card but haven’t had a chance to use it yet as the other locations are too far. But when this new store opens I will have a chance to earn rewards for free groceries & I love programs that give back to its customers!

  • Sounds like a fantastic rewards program, unfortunately we don’t have Save-on food here…I really want to learn more about the More Reward Visa with Scotiabank!

  • We don’t have these where I live but it sure does sound like a great program. I collect PC points.

  • Save-On-Foods sounds like an awesome program and I am hoping we get it soon in our province.I have a PC card that I use at No-Frills to collect points and save money on food and gas.

  • We do have a few new Save On foods here in my city; the stores are WONDERFUL for a great selection for sure! They aren’t close to home for me, unfortunately, but I do stop in when I am near one for their selection and deals!

  • I like the more rewards program. I have used points for discount on groceries and also to redeem for an item at a discount from their catalog too.

  • I love using rewards programs, especially for groceries – love to cut down the bills!! I have started using my Save On More card more in the past couple of years when a new Save On location opened in my city – now I have two stores super close to my home, it’s so quick to rack up points! I also love that they give out free fruit to kids while you shop – my kids get excited to go grocery shopping there with me, so they can munch on a piece of fruit while we shop. 🙂