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Have a Meowy Christmas With FurReal Friends Bootsie

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A few weeks ago a delivery arrived at my house that caused me a little bit of stress. You see, my 5-year-old was upstairs and at my door was a box that was making a whole lot of rucus! I managed to get the box to my hiding spot, but it hasn’t made it’s way under the tree for her just yet because I’m paranoid little FurReal Friends Bootsie is going to meow!

FurReal Friends Bootsie giveaway

FurReal Friends are always a hit in our house, and my daughters have a few special pets they play with regularly. FurReal Friends Bootsie will make a wonderful addition to our household this Christmas. My 9-year-old is unfortunately allergic to cats, which doesn’t seem to phase her much, but her little sister simply adores cats and often talks about how she will have one when she’s an adult! At my friend Lise’s house, she regularly carries around Lise’s very calm and relaxed cat Tinker around, giving her the opportunity to be a kitty-mama for the day. So, I know this gift is going to be a huge hit!

FurReal Friends Bootsie

You can change Bootsie’s moods by playing with her – it’s true! Give her a treat and she’ll be thrilled, tap her mouth twice and she will not be impressed, pet her forehead and see what mood she’s in today (sound familiar, moms?) Bootsie loves to be cuddled too, which makes her very happy.

Bootsie is best for kids ages 4+ and while she comes with demo batteries (which explains all that meowing) you  may want to pick up 4 AA batteries ahead of Christmas day to keep the fun going.

Where to Buy: Walmart, Toys R Us,, Sears, Showcase
Pricing: $59.96 – $74.99


We have an adorable, possibly meowing in the box upon delivery, FurReal Friends Bootsie set aside from one of our readers, courtesy of Hasbro! Use the form below to enter your name and email address to be in to win – don’t forget all the bonus entries! Good luck everyone!



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