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An Important And Lifesaving Gift

Here’s a gift idea for, really, any of your loved ones. It’s also something to get for someone who seems to have everything, or who tells you that there’s nothing they need (which makes it so incredibly hard to buy for them, right?)

personal life-saving device

The Saver Emergency Breath System is a personal life-saving device designed to mobilize an individual in the event of a fire and help one escape safely. Saver filters chemical substances and removes carbon monoxide and toxic gases for up to 5 minutes. Saver is compact and simple to use and can be activated within 5 seconds.

Now I have your attention, don’t I!


The Saver Emergency Breath System is designed with a triple filter system in order to protect the user’s respiratory tract from toxic gases. The absorbent triple filter consists of a pre-filter for smoke and dust, a Hopcalite filter for carbon monoxide and a third processing -filter for the removal of secondhand toxic smoke and materials. A nose grip is included to block incoming harmful gases entering through the nostrils.



Available in 1 Person, 2 Person, and 4 Person units, the Saver Emergency Breath system is an extra safety product for households that the majority don’t have, but giving this as a gift to one (or your own) can make all the difference. Of course, one would hope that this gift  never ever gets used (who can say that about most gifts?) but it’s an important one to have should you or a loved one need it.


4psOur household now has the Saver Wall-Mounted 4 Person Set With Alarm & Flashlight, and I feel so good knowing it’s there now. It includes: 4 Saver Devices, 1 Flashlight, and 1 Wall-mount. The multifunctional, compact emergency breath system is sold with an LED flashlight, designed specifically to penetrate through thick smoke. The flashlight has a built-in alarm to notify others, such as family or first responders on scene, of a user’s location.

Where To Buy: (It’s Canadian!)
Pricing: 1 Person Unit ($69), 2 Person Unit ($129), 2 Person Wall Mounted Set With Alarm & Flashlight ($169), 4 Person Wall Mounted Set With Alarm & Flashlight ($269).

Free shipping until Dec 23rd, plus —-> Receive 10% off your purchase with the code blog10 at checkout!






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