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Some Friendly Sun-Shiny Reminders

Now that the official first day of summer, and the official end of the school year are both just days away, it’s a great time to get ready for Summer 2016! Ensure you are prepared for all the fun ahead, and don’t be caught off guard (whether that’s in your pantry, wine fridge, or backyard supplies).

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Sun-kissed skin isn’t so cute once it’s burned, so here are a few reminders and thought starters to keep in mind heading into the best two months of the year (don’t you think? I mean, really. I live in Saskatchewan – THIS IS THE BEST TIME OF THE YEAR!)

  1. Remember that the sun’s rays are the strongest between 10 AM and 4 PM, so if you can get in some play time or park time with the kids outside these hours, it can help reduce your sunburn risk.
  2. One ounce of sunscreen should be applied to your entire body (about the same amount as a shot glass), but you also need to remember to reapply every 2 hours.
  3. It takes on average about 30 minutes for sunscreen to soak into skin and work effectively – this is probably one of my biggest whoopsies as a mom – slap on the sunscreen and send the kids outside! Prepare ahead of time, parents!
  4. Sunscreen is only one level of defense. Utilize hats, protective clothing and sunglasses for more coverage.
  5. Look for a sunscreen that has Broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection, is water resistant for up to 80 minutes, moisturizes to relieve dryness and enables sand to brush off easily with a lightweight formula. It exists all in one product too: Banana Boat SunComfort Lotion is available in SPF 30 and 50+ and is in stores now.

Don’t forget to enter the Banana Boat Summer Hacks contest, where you can win a family vacation worth $2,500 to a destination of their choice! You still have time, the contest closes on July 3!



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  • We most definatly forget the reapply, more so on ourselves then the key SS. We are good at keeping them covered, but horrible with ourselves!!!!!

  • I wish I had started using sunscreen earlier in my life! Although, having said that I was in the days of pass the baby oil please.

  • I have been the same with forgetting to get sunscreen on the kids half an hour ahead of time. I am being more diligent this year.

  • Great post, I am always forgetting the sunscreen on myself, but I usually don’t burn, so that’s all good!!

  • I leave sunscreen at the front door. It helps to remember. I also leave an extra bottle in my car, and in my bag. We keep a water park bag in the car with water sunscreen. I am sunscreen crazy, but still trying to find a good daily facial sunscreen for myself!

  • Sunscreen is a bit of a pain to apply but I do it religiously. I think finding a formula you like is key to actually using it! Banana Boat makes some good ones!

  • We always make sure we wear hats and sunscreen in the sun. It doesn’t take long to get a nasty burn.

  • Great advice, need lots of sunscreen and I trust Banana Boat for no reactions too. I didn’t realize that you needed to out it on in advance though. Good to know.

  • When I was younger I used to love being out in the sun even without sunscreen but now I use sunscreen before I leave the house

  • I was not aware till lately of the need to reapply sunscreen, I applied it and then got on with the rest of my day. Now I know to apply it at least 30 minutes before suntime and reapply every two hours. Thanks for posting.

  • Both my youngest daughter and I burn easily, so we are always very careful reapplying sunscreen and wearing proper clothing. But I must admit, I have some sun damage from years ago, I would hate to see either of my daughters getting a bad burn.

  • Very good reminders especially since I have a little redhead who is very fair like his mama. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • great tips! one thing i have to remember is to reapply sunscreen on my girls if it has been a couple hours. keep track of when I put the lotion on and when the next time is to put more on

  • I know it sounds silly but sometimes I completely forget to apply sunscreen on my kids before going out. This year I have been getting into the habit of just applying it every morning and afternoon even if we don’t have plans because sometimes we just have to leave quick and I forget

  • Very important to protect yourself from the sun this summer! It can be very harmful, great post! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Some great tips. Reapplying is something that I am not good at and need to try to remember to do this summer.

  • Such good reminders. I am fair so I have to be very careful. My kids hate sunscreen but I always make them wear it

  • I should have read this before we headed to the beach yesterday for the first time this year. I made sure to load up the kids with sunblock but I hastily applied to myself and am now feeling the burn – YEOWCH!

  • Because I am so fair, I grew up being careful about sun protection so I am the same now in the case of my kids.

  • Very good reminders, thank you! We all have very fair skin in our family, and I had a blistering second degree sunburn on my face as a child so I am very sun-cautious. My burn happened under the care of a family friend, so whenever my kids are not under my supervision I make sure to lather them up when I drop them off, and I also give specific instructions for re-application if they are going to be gone for a longer period of time. Not everyone has the same protocol for sun safety so it is important to be clear about expectations when leaving your kids with others. The people looking after me when I was 5 all had dark skin and thus did not even think to reapply sunscreen on my face when we were spending the entire day skiing on a sunny mountain – as a very pale blonde, I burned badly from the lack of sunscreen. ๐Ÿ™

  • I rarely leave the house without sunscreen on. I just wish that I had stared using it years ago.

  • I’m always forgetting to reapply and then when I get burnt I’m shocked. I don’t know why !! LOL

  • Very good reminders! I am very much guilty of NOT reapplying sunscreen as often as I should or applying at all on a daily basis, which I should as I spend a lot of time outdoors

  • I think many of us have learned the hard way that it’s not worth it to be lazy when it comes to sunscreen! I am more diligent about using it now & constantly re-applying it on the kids. No one enjoys burnt aching skin, the peeling afterwards, & the damage that causes.

  • Sometimes its so easy to go out quickly & forget the sunscreen but with so many people getting skin cancer it is not something one wants to forget…

  • I’m horrible at remembering to bring sunscreen or even putting it on…….that being the case, I now have one in every bag. Whether we are in the yard, off to the park/beach…..I always have it!

  • Those are great reminders for sun safety, especially the tip on when the sun can do the most damage in the day.

  • one thing that I never do, is have sunscreen on in the winter time and apparently thats important ..read something about dogs needing sunscreen? not sure how you’d do a dog… I was like..ok is this an onion post? and I know how badly i burn near water so try to wear a long sleeve light top