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Stay Sun Safe – My Mom Hacks

Summer is almost here, and in Saskatchewan we’ve already had some unseasonably warm weather bringing us out into the yards squinting in the sun, onto patios, and back onto the fields. Many of us are left unprepared when we first venture out in the spring, because we fall out of the usual sunscreen routine. I know it happens to me – I come inside from a glorious hour or two on my deck and realize my nose and chest is pink! Whoops. While sunscreen becomes second-nature in July, we definitely need reminders to apply it throughout the year when we’re outdoors (even on the slopes!) and especially in the spring when our minutes outside start to increase.

I’ve partnered with Banana Boat a Banana Boat Ambassador this year (I want a bumper sticker!) which has helped me tremendously in ensuring we’re, literally, covered. Not only have I been supplied product to ensure we’re applying sunscreen regularly, but let’s face it – a Banana Boat Ambassador with a sunscreen isn’t a good endorsement! I have to ensure I’m practicing what I preach, which is great. It makes me accountable to you!

So, here are my mom hacks on staying sun safe this year!

A shot glass my be common on my deck, but now I need an extra one for sunscreen!
A shot glass my be common on my deck, but now I need an extra one for sunscreen!

1. When using a sunscreen lotion, did you know that you need to apply a shot glass size of sunscreen? When you actually disperse it out, it’s a lot more than I was using previously. This is a great measurement (shot glasses are always handy on my deck!) and it really makes you apply it liberally. The new Banana Boat SunComfort Sunscreen Lotion offers broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection and also helps prevent sand from sticking, so you can easily brush it off, while moisturizing to relieve dryness that can be caused by the sun, chlorine and salt water. Perfect!

sunscreen timer

2. Set a timer on your phone to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours while on the deck or out in the garden, or every 80 minutes if in the water (Banana Boat SunComfort Sunscreen Lotion is water resistant for up to 80 minutes). Don’t have a timer? You can download one for free. I found one called SunMinder that seems to work quite well. You can adjust it for each member of the family too. We always have our phones nearby, so this is perfect for our family.

sunscreen application tips

3. Make sure you’ve not missing any spots! Commonly missed spots for applying sunscreen include around the eyes, the tip of the nose, the tops of the feet, the lips, and near the hairline and scalp. I part my hair in the same spot every day, so this is definitely a spot I am prone to forgetting and getting burned on (dry shampoo will help absorb any excess greasy feeling in your hair from applying on a part).

applying sunscreen

4. For active kids, it’s often easier to use a sunscreen spray. My kids know to “assume the position” and get ready for mom to spray sunscreen top to bottom! Hey look, there’s that hair part of mine taking in the sun…

Banana Boat Sun Comfort travel size

5. Stock up! One bottle of sunscreen per family won’t do it. Keep a travel size product in the car for those days when you forget, or an extra one in the backpack for sports activities. If you’re following hack #1 and using a shot glass size amount of lotion when applying, you’ll be surprised how much you (efficiently) use! * Shot glass not recommended for bringing to soccer and football fields unless you enjoy funny looks.

Happy spring and summer sun adventures! What about you, do you have any sunscreen hacks for the summer or have any of these helped you be more vigilant?


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