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Heads Up Regina + Saskatoon: PRIMO Deals App Is Here!


It goes without saying (but here I go), I love saving money, love finding new tips and tricks to do it, and love sharing my discoveries with you! It’s the very basis of why I started Feisty Frugal & Fabulous in 2008.

So, when I discover something so new that none of my friends know about it yet, I get a little giddy. It means that not only am I among the first to save money while others are paying full price, I also get to share it with my friends and see their surprise when they realize they can do the same.

It makes no sense does it. Why would you walk into a business and pay full price when the person next to you is getting a discount? It’s what I share with people all the time – the only difference is that the other person has done their research and knows how to find the deals and discounts. We all want to be that person!

Regina and Saskatoon residents are among the first to have access to a fabulous new buying-power program. Becoming a member of PRIMO Deals App enables members to access deals with Primo merchants. This isn’t a “save 20%” type of program where you’re only really getting the sale price they’ll have for everyone next week (I hate that!) This is a Deals App where your dollar basically stretches further, just because you’re savvy enough to be a member and find the deals.

primo gift cards regina

The PRIMO Deals App is available on both the App Store and Google Play, it’s crazy easy to sign up and start saving. Simply search by city (Regina has more offers right now as they were the first city to be a part of PRIMO Deals App, Saskatoon is starting to fill up) and then either look through all the offers or pick ones based on a specific industry.

Check out these PRIMO Deals I found locally:






A note about the app, you can see that the quantities are low – if you see something you like, scoop it up quickly! The promotions do re-fill on the app and website and once you’re a member you will get an email alert when new ones are added, but if you want to truly take advantage of the best discounts, you need to act fast!

Check out the Primo website here, and search PRIMO in the App Store or Google Play to download the app today, sign up, and be a frugal shopper like me! Follow @PRIMODealsYQR and @PRIMODealsStoon on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date too!


I’m so excited to share a huge giveaway for Saskatchewan readers from PRIMO! We’re giving TWO winners $250 each in PRIMO CREDIT to use at any business(es) in the PRIMO community! That’s a huge amount of savings for your family this summer. Ready to enter? Step one – sign up as a consumer online here and use PROMO CODE 2097 

Then use the form below to have your entry count (don’t forget all the bonus entries, like following PRIMO on social media, and more!) Good luck everyone!


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