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My Product Picks for a Glamping Weekend

The first long-weekend of Summer 2016 is upon us, and people in Saskatchewan are EXCITED! We have a beautiful weekend ahead of us with temperatures around 25 degrees and that’s a big deal. You see, in our province we brace ourselves for “camping May long” because it can mean a weekend like this, or a weekend of snow on the ground when you step out of your tent in the morning. This weekend is a fabulous indication, I hope, of what this summer holds.

Three in five Canadians say they are likely to go camping this summer, according to a recent survey from Ipsos and Energizer Canada, and families with kids (45%) are almost twice as likely to plan a camping trip compared to those without kids (25%).

Two thirds of those campers do most of their camping during long weekends – so this means you are likely in the process of gearing up right now.

The same survey showed that as many as half of respondents say they usually forget to bring something important when they camp. When asked what the #1 item was that campers should not forget – a flashlight topped the list. It makes sense, think of all the times you wouldn’t want to be caught without a flashlight when camping – yikes!

47% of Canadian campers agree that most camping essentials require batteries, so be sure to stock up on reliable ones. Energizer tells us that their long-lasting Recharge battery line will not only keep your camera, flashlights, and everything else, charged all trip long, but these are the world’s first that are made from 4% recycled batteries. Using them will minimize our impact on landfill giving everyone an opportunity to do their part in protecting the beautiful Canadian landscapes for future generations of campers.

My top picks, shared at both CTV Morning Live Regina above and Global Regina Morning News, were all purchased at Walmart and include a 5 Piece Premium Family Camp Tent Combo, Queen size air mattress, reversible beach blanket, BBQ Grill, bubble kits, Smores Kits and more. The point, of course, is to immerse yourself in nature (while staying comfortable, glamping) and enjoying spending time together as a family.

I hope you are among those 3 in 5 Canadians getting out to camp this summer – we will be out there in July! Look for the girl clutching a wine glass and flashlight.


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  • I have not been camping since I was in Girl Guides ( a long time…), but my son is begging to go! I love your idea of an air mattress and a bubble machine!

  • We always hold off on camping when it comes to the May long weeekend. Plus there is a fire ban right now where we are so camping just isnt camping without a fire.

  • We are part of the 3 in 5! Can’t wait to go with our church community group. I would love to try a S’mores kit. So convenient!

  • I haven’t gone camping since I sold my trailer 10 years ago, but I don’t even miss it, if we want we just go out in our backyard and have our fire and cook over the fire, and that is what we plan on doing this long weekend!!

  • I get to go camping when I visit my son and his family in Edmonton. I have an energizer headlight that I use and we bring lots of marshmallows plus the smores kit.

  • That would definitely make camping more pleasant! Now if something could just be done about the mosquitoes!

  • We have a cottage we can go to when we like but we haven’t been there in almost 4 years. Maybe if we are lucky we will get there this summer. I am hoping anyhow.

  • I have not camped in years and years,but many will be travelling to camp grounds today Please be careful everyone

  • Great Post, but I have to say that camping for me is a 3 star hotel instead of a 5 star.

  • There are so many awesome products and things out there now for camping. Something I am hoping hubby and I can do with our girls when they are a bit older

  • An informative segment; however I fall into that percentage of people who will not go camping (or glamping). I’d much prefer roughing it in a cabin, not in a tent.

  • LOL – I treeplanted for 8 years, I had ‘living in a tent down to a science. Not glamorous at all, but very comfortable!

  • This was a great video to watch and I loved the reminders of what to take camping and what not to forget.
    We love camping and it`s so much fun now that our boys have their campers and we all go together.

  • I went camping last year for the first time in YEARS – it was such a fun experience that I am kicking myself for not going again sooner 🙂

  • I have never been camping. My mom was never into it so I never go into it. I think my boys would love it though.