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Sometimes, It’s Better to Print

We are a tech family – and make no apologies for it. I have a TV on the wall of my bathroom (bubble baths and reality TV are my nirvana!) and we have more tablets than humans under our roof. Still, there are times when even I won’t rely on tech because I don’t trust that Murphy’s Law won’t kick in.

One example is travel. While I think it’s super-cool that people can hold out their phones at the gate to board a plane while I’m balancing a coffee cup in the crook of my arm, a travel bag in the other, while digging in my purse for the boarding passes of my family – it’s something I just do. I have always and will always print my boarding passes, and don’t have to worry about whether my phone is charged or not or the wireless in the airport is friendly that day (experiences tells me…not).

Another is my total love and obsession with paperwork for my business. While certainly a majority of my documents, contracts and spreadsheets are on my computer, I am always printing copies for my files (especially at this time of the year). Having had a laptop screen go black (forever!) a few years ago taught me that it’s best to have not only a back-up hard drive but a printed copy of your important documents (let’s not talk about the photos right now, I’m still not ready to.)

The Canon PIXMA printer would be loved in our household, because – it gets me. Based on this video, we’d be best friends.


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  • You said everything to a T. I like to print too, but my problem is sorting and filing I have papers everywhere, I’m not the best at organizing my papers

  • A good printer makes life so much easier, especially a wireless one. Remember when we had to connect the cord to print? Horrors!

  • I love to print things up! i have a cabinet just for me. we are actually looking to get a new printer because ours keeps jamming!

  • I print everything important too.
    Mine is almost out of ink and I am looking to upgrade to something with wireless printing (I have it networked, but my phone & tablet won\t connect to it)

  • I travel a lot and this is such a good idea. You can’t be too careful! I also really like the mobile printing feature.

  • Yup, same way. Would rather print our papers off.

    Oh, and you have a TV in your bathroom?!? GENIUS!