LG’s Web OS Smart TVs #FlipTheBird

LG Web OSOnce in awhile, an innovative marketing campaign comes along that makes me smile (OK smirk) and congratulate the promotions team on a job well done. We see so many commercials and ads, especially at this time of the year, that brands know they need to stand out. LG’s new Web OS Smart TVs not only look sleek, they are sleek in how easy they are to use. To help illustrate this point, check out this video:

Having amazing technology is one thing (LG is the only brand that has Web OS platform on their smart TVs) but if it’s difficult for the average consumer to navigate, it’s pointless. That’s why LG wants to share that they’ve been voted the #1 Smart TV for overall ease of use (Based on blind comparison survey by 113 greater Toronto area consumers of the LGLB6500, Samsung 558580 Series 8 and Sony X900B 55″” TVs. Survey conducted in May 2014 by Charlton Strategic Research Inc.)


It’s worth checking out when you’re shopping, dear Santa, this season. My mom might even be able to navigate this TV (I just showed her how to play a word search game on my iPad and changed her life.)

Learn more here: http://www.lg.com/ca_en/experience-tvs/smart-tv/connect.jsp


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