Canadian Cancer Society and Sunbeam Support with Warmth

Each year, thousands of Canadians affected by cancer rely on patient transportation programs to get to and from life-saving treatment. This can be one of the most challenging tasks they face, especially if treatment is far from home.

Sunbeam has proudly launched Supports with Warmth, an awareness and fundraising campaign in support of the Canadian Cancer Society’s patient transportation programs.  These programs strive to provide safe and reliable transportation for those receiving active treatment from approved cancer treatment facilities.

At the heart of this campaign is the real-life story of Kelly Tugnett, a single mother whose son Jaxson, was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer at six months old.  With no driver’s license, getting Jaxson to treatment was nearly impossible for Kelly until volunteer drivers like Florence Devitt lent their time and vehicles to help get Jaxson to treatment.


Through Supports with Warmth, Sunbeam is donating 75,000 kilometres to the Wheels of Hope transportation program. Recognizing that feeling cold or chilled may be a side effect of cancer and its treatment, Sunbeam is also donating warmth with 500 Sunbeam Heated Throws to distribute to cancer patients in Ontario.

Canadians can always donate to their local Canadian Cancer Society or directly online here. This program has personally helped our family over the past few years when my dad would have to travel for his cancer treatments so I can attest to how valuable the transportation volunteers are to families.  What a great initiative from Sunbeam this holiday season and worth sharing!


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