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Smart Trike Zoo 4 in 1

Smart Trike Zoo

Have you see the Smart Trike when out and about?  I have, and thought about how smart a product this really is.  Instead of buying multiple ride-on products for your (super-fast!) growing child, the Smart Trike gives parents the ability to invest in one product to take the child from approximately 10 months of age up to 3 years old.

Smart Trike ZooI love that a 10 month old can feel like a big girl or boy riding alone while mom or dad has total control with the New Touch Steering technology in the Smart Trike Zoo!  In fact, a parent can also sip on a coffee or tend to another child with a free hand because you can control the steering with just one hand – amazing!

As the child’s confidence grows, easily transform the Zoo to allow little ones to practice steering and peddling, all while mom and dad remain in control. By the fourth and final transformation, remove the handle and watch as your child rides about independently on the comfortable trike that they grew up with.

Kids will also enjoy the built-in toy phone within easy reach on the front handle. With a quick and easy assembly, your child will be ready to ride in no time!

Everleigh is 32 months (yes I had to count that on my fingers) so she’s at the top of the age range for this product.

I wish we had it a year ago to use it the way I saw other parents doing so in the summer but she is thoroughly loving it now even if she’s restricted to using it indoors.  I know in the spring she’ll be zipping down the driveway on it!

The smarTrike Zoo comes in three unique prints: Ladybug, Galah, and Cow. Available at Toys R Us in Canada for $129.97.


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