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YUVI – Story Aerobics for Kids (App)

Yuvi KidsBy Tara Richter…

Anyone with a toddler knows how busy and active they can be. I only wish I could have some of that energy that they possess that seems to go on endlessly. Of course the trick as a parent is to constantly find activities to make good use of all that liveliness.

I remember my own son being quite the busy-body in the days before he went to school, and now my nearly 2-year old niece brings back those memories as she jumps and bounces around, full of life. Unlike my son at her age, my niece’s experience of play often includes playing on the iPad with apps geared towards her age. Yuvi Story Aerobics is a great new app for young children that not only engages their minds, but also gets them up and active/interactive with the character Yuvi on the screen. Through a series of stories, children participate in imaginative physical activity by doing movements such as squatting down to avoid swooping birds, jumping over rolling stones, and pretending they are trees to fool the lions. Each of the stories is designed to help motivate kids to be active and exercise as well as develop motor skills, all while having fun.

I tried it out with my niece; however I think she is just a touch too young to really comprehend the connection between the story and the movements. She is definitely a smart cookie though, and I think in a month or two this just might be her new favorite iPad game/activity!

If you are looking for something new and fresh to do with your busy and active toddlers then give Yuvi Story Aerobics a try. Not only will it engage their imaginations, but also their bodies! This app, geared towards children between the ages of 2 and 6, is available for download on the App Store for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch for $7.99 or you can try the free version to see the basics as well!  You can also visit Yuvi Story Aerobics on Facebook here!


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