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Hamilton Beach IntelliTime Slow Cooker – Where have you been all my life?

Hamilton Beach IntelliTime Slow CookerBy Tara Richter…

I am a late-bloomer when it comes to slow-cookers. I’ve heard pretty much everyone else talk about how awesome they are and how they use them to make wonderful soups, stews, and meals. I’m not sure why I didn’t ever jump on that train, but I can confidently say I’m now one of the converted.

The first thing I noticed when I received the Hamilton Beach IntelliTime Slow Cooker was that it only had one large, central dial beneath a small digital screen. This confused me since I’d often heard others talk about settings, buttons and dials but this had none of those. Perplexed I looked to the manual to figure out how I was going to go about using it. The Hamilton Beach IntelliTime Slow Cooker, as it turns out, features a unique programmable setting that allows user to base cooking duration on when they want to eat the meal, rather than a specific temperature. The cooking cycle, therefore, adjusts itself based on the desired end time. Once the cooking cycle is complete, it automatically switches to a ‘keep warm’ setting. The single dial allows for the duration setting and shows the time remaining for the cooking cycle. A simple push of the central dial engages the slow-cooker to start and it goes about cooking until it’s time to eat.  It’s seriously that easy.

After talking with some friends, I’ve come to learn that the Hamilton Beach IntelliTime Slow Cooker is really unique with its duration versus temperature setting. The best part, in my mind, is not having to worry about the “keep on high for x time, and then to low for x time”, common to slow-cooker recipes. All I need to think about is when I want to eat, and the IntelliTime Slow Cooker does the rest. I’ve also heard from friends that some slow-cookers can overcook food especially if they have been on for long periods of time. I have to say I’m very impressed with the quality of taste and texture coming from the Hamilton Beach Intellitime Slow-Cooker, even after having food sitting in the slow-cooker for over 8 hours.

There are certainly many kitchen gadgets and appliances out there, however I can assure you this is one you definitely want to have. In fact I use it almost daily during the workweek and therefore it’s earned a permanent spot on my counter-top!

Whether you are treating yourself to a Christmas present, or looking for a great (and useful) item to give to someone else, you won’t be disappointed with the Hamilton Beach IntelliTime Slow Cooker. This item is perfect for anyone new to slow-cookers like me, or those who dread coming home to cook a meal after working all day, especially busy moms & dads.

The Hamilton Beach IntelliTime Slow Cooker retails for $99.99 and is available at Canadian Tire, or you can make your Hamilton Beach purchase online by visiting their website at


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