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Why Shouldn’t a Kettle Be Fabulous?

1.7 Litre Glass KettleWhy not indeed!

When I saw this 1.7 Litre Glass Kettle from Hamilton Beach, new in stores right now, I knew it would be the perfect for my household. I’m not a regular tea drinker (wait, is there a special name for tea drinkers?)

We mainly used our current kettle for hot chocolate in the winter, and also for making tea when one of us is under the weather – for some reason tea seems more appropriate than coffee at that time, even if we have to hunt for actual tea in our house because we drink it so rarely.

However, now that I have this fabulous kettle by HamiltonΒ  Beach, I kind of want to be fancy and pull it out when we have guests.Β  “Would you like some tea?Β  Of course I have tea, we drink it all the time, why else would I have this kettle placed on my counter when you’re here?”

Unfortunately it doesn’t glow with a pretty blue LED light all the time, only when in use, so if you want to impress your guests you need to ensure you have it on when they walk into your kitchen.Β  It’s like being OZ behind the green curtain, “Yes, I am that fabulous!”

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