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Mastermind Toys Demolition Lab Triple Blast Warehouse

smartlabs demo labBy Lisa Dutton…

Mastermind Toys carries some cool stuff.  The company prides itself on toys that encourage curiosity, and challenge thinking.  As I browsed through their awesome 2013 Gift Guide looking for the perfect gift for my 5 year old son Jesse…I felt a bit like Tom Hanks in ‘Big’.  I kept finding myself blurting out things like “COOL!” and “I WANT THAT!”

It was easy to find the perfect pick for Jesse: the SmartLab Demolition Lab Triple Blast Warehouse.

I am going to be blunt (and this iDEMO LABs no secret)…boys like to blow things up.  My Jesse is an especially destructive little creature.  My husband is certain he’ll play defence.  What’s great about the Demolition Lab Triple Blast Warehouse is while Jesse is busy loving the destructive aspect, he is actually BUILDING skills like problem-solving, strategy, and experimentation.   Imagine that?  A “fun” physics lesson!

While the Demolition Lab Triple Blast Warehouse comes with a ton of small bit’s and pieces – it’s actually simple to set up.  There is a very free and creative element to it with an unlimited amount of warehouses you can build!  Your child uses dozens of wall panels and connectors, trusses and bridges, to make their own one-of-a-kind structures.

While they are setting up their building, 3 “blasters” are placed throughout the structure.  Once it’s all set up (and after a quick “3, 2, 1!”) press the triple blast detonator and POW! It collapses! (requires 3 AAA batteries)

The Demolition Lab Triple Blast Warehouse is recommended for kids 8 years old+.  The first couple times Jesse played with it (he’s only 5) he did need our help setting things up, but after a few builds he was doing it all on his own!  I like this toy for him because it works on his fine motor skills, something his kindergarten teacher recommended we work with him on.

Find the Demolition Lab Triple Blast Warehouse at for $39.95 – The site offers FREE gift wrapping and gift tag with personal message!  It’s likely your shopping will ship for FREE as well…Mastermind Toys offers up to $15 dollars shipping credit on orders $60 dollars or more!  BOOM!

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