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Those Finishing Touches…That Never Get Finished

We moved into our house 3.5 years ago and took on a spring and summer or home renovations soon after.  It’s funny how many things, the small details, get left for “later when we have time” yet never seem to get completed.  Do you have a room or area in your house like this?

Our basement bathroom was huge renovation.  We actually completely gutted the room (walls and everything!) and when it was complete, I took these photos to share:

Bathroom Before

Bathroom Reno During

Bathroom After

Pretty awesome, right?  I loved our new basement bathroom.

Did you notice something in the pictures?  I do, because of course it’s something that’s been bugging me for three years.  The baseboards were not completed, nor were the door frames, and the fixtures (like the showerhead) needed some updating.  Also, due to our new pedestal sink, we had no storage at all in the room.

This summer, that all (finally) got completed thanks to some elbow grease, a little bit of nagging, and some accent pieces from Canadian Tire!

We installed a new Waterpik® AquaScape 8-Setting Spa Showerhead in the shower, for a much more updated look (and feel!) to the room.  Then, we added this Lexington Linen Tower, which I adore, to give us some storage space (and yes, a place for pretty candles despite my husband and son protesting!)

basement bathroom

And look…can you see it?  Baseboards!

Hooray for finally completing the basement bathroom 3 years later!

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