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Merida’s Royal Celebration

I am Merida and I am a Princess

As part of my visit to Disney World, for the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration, I got to experience one of those magical once-in-a-lifetime moments when my family attended Merida’s induction as an official Disney Princess!  Joining the 11 other Disney Princesses, the group of young women is now rounded out to a dozen – each with her own unique story, characteristics, and legion of fans.

And fans, they are!  Merida has been called a princess for a new generation and I wholeheartedly agree!  While I love Disney Princesses (I think Cinderella will always be my favorite because she’s my childhood princess), Merida is a modern girl (from a not-so-modern time, ironically enough!)  Brave showed us a princess at odds with her mother, yearning to be her own person and not tied down to marrying a prince.  We saw her mother, who my heart ached for, have her daughter hurt her and then risk everything to save her.

I knew her special event would be remarkable, and that Disney would stay true to her character – and they did!  Instead of arriving in a horse drawn carriage, Merida arrived ON a horse with traditional dancers and pipers!  And instead of gracefully sauntering up to the castle like she was walking on air, Merida’s curls bounced as she walked up like…well…like an everyday girl.

Check out this video below from Inside The Magic capturing highlights from the event (you can click the little x’s to close the ads):

Here are some of my favorite photos from the event! The 11 other princesses came out first and each one demonstrated her personality when introduced!

Disney Princesses at Merida's celebration

Then, the big moment.  For Merida fans, and for anyone who has seen Brave, having Merida’s mother Queen Elinor come on stage to present her daughter with her princess crown was nothing but perfection!

It gets better – after Merida’s proclamation, after the fireworks, Queen Elinor presented her daughter with her bow!  Yes….it was definitely a moment of Disney magic.  It was as if, in that moment, Queen Elinor was showing Merida (and all of us) that  her daughter could be a princess, an archery expert, anything she wants to be, and without a prince by her side.  This is a princess for a new generation, indeed.

Merida's Disney Princess Celebration



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