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Proof She Exists! Tooth Fairy Surprise…

Tooth Fairy Proof

Here’s a fun Tooth Fairy surprise!

Have your child leave his tooth in a glass of water on the counter (to preserve it of course!)  You see, when the Tooth Fairy jumps in the water to grab the tooth, the water will magically change to the color of her dress!

You can add sparkles to the water too.  Last night, I didn’t have sparkles but had clear sparkle craft glue.  I dropped a few drops in and hoped for the best.  The glue sunk to the bottom and when the kids woke up this morning, the tooth was gone and they are convinced they now have PROOF of the Tooth Fairy’s footprints!

That was an unexpected mom win!


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  • lol! seriously gotta love the unexpected wins the best. This is a fabulous idea. Thank you for sharing.

  • Really? Why lie to your children at all? I don’t understand this- at all- why deliberately deceive your children?

    • How’s the view from your ivory tower? Settle down. It’s fun for the kids, and it’s fun for the parents when they see that look of amazement on their child’s face. It’s something they will remember when they grow up.

      I started playing a game with my 3 year old son a while ago, where I would move his Spiderman action figure to different places in the room, doing different things (reading a book, playing with a smaller Batman action figure) while he was away. I finally told him that Spiderman wasn’t moving by himself, that I was doing it. Did he cry? Did I scar him for life? No! He still loves it and is excited every time it happens.

      Let kids be kids and have their wonder and excitement! There are plenty of years for harsh realities.

  • the tooth fairy and Santa Claus are part of the magic of childhood. What is wrong with giving them something fun to believe in? I wish I would have been this creative when mine were little.

  • I love this idea : ) My little ones are 7.5, 6.5, 5.5, 3.5 and soon to be born so we have a lot of time left with the tooth fairy. This will keep me from the midnight hunt for the goods 🙂

  • This is adorable! For my goddaughters 8th birthday party-she had a flower fairy theme. Her godmother, age 40+, dressed as a flower fairy—and surprised her and her guests! She dubbed each one a special flower fairy–after a fun ritual (smile, clap three times and turn around or some such!)—to this day (she will be 14 soon….) she still WONDERS if I really am a flower fairy….! I wouldn’t trade this memory for anything!