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How Being Frugal Brings the Fabulous

being frugal brings the fabulous - feisty frugal and fabulousI’m a frugal mom. I watch for sales, use coupons and find ways to cut costs in our household including getting by with one vehicle for our family for over eight years now. I do these things so that, as a family, we can treat ourselves to special things we might not necessarily do had I not been so money-savvy.

You may be surprised to learn that I take my five-year-old daughter with me for a pedicure appointment about every eight weeks or so. While her dad can do an amazing job painting her nails, I’ve learned that taking my daughter out for a mother-daughter afternoon of beauty and bonding time is immeasurable and something that – sorry dad – he just can’t compete with.

Every single time that I treat myself to a pedicure I wonder why I don’t do it more. Work, the kids, the house –  these things all add up and leave little time for treating myself to a stress reducing pampering session. Taking my daughter along gives her the time to be a little diva for an hour, allows us to chat about nonsense or serious stuff (depending on the day) and reminds me not to sweat the small stuff.

I don’t feel I’m teaching her to be entitled or spoiled, but rather showing her that saving money and doing chores like unloading the dishwasher to help me in the house results in rewarding ourselves from time to time with things that make us look and feel good.

She in turn teaches me that it’s ok to have purple toes with snowflakes on them in the middle of summer, and her giggles while getting her feet rubbed remind me what a sweet, gentle and beautiful little girl I am raising.

I’ve promised her our next “nail day” will be in May, before we leave on a family vacation that she’s not aware of yet. She’s already counting down the days, and you know what? I am too.

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  • While you can save some money doing a home pedi, that bonding experience at the salon is priceless!

    I am a huge believer too that the occasional splurge is good for the soul! 🙂

  • I have starting dipping into recycling things around the home and creating unique things.. like old windows as picture frames, old drawers use as to ‘display’ pictures and nicknacks on a wall..

  • We are a frugal family too. My mom and I more then the rest. You’re right, the extra word with savings are worth it when you have a special date with your loved ones.

  • It’s hard to maintain the balance… I’m scared of the spendings we will have to endure when kids grow older and will need/want much more, that I’m trying to buy only essentials now to save for that time.

  • i am afraid of getting into debt again after almost 10yrs of finally being debt free,sometimes living within your means is a better life.

  • I do coupons and always sign up for free samples but also give so much away to other people so they can be frugal as well !

  • I have been doing couponing for over a year now and just recently within the past few months have decided to start doing contests

  • It is great to teach your daughter to save and then have a small goal like nails 🙂 Plus bonding time is just a bonus. I really hope I do have a girl one day, just for that 🙂 I need to coupon more often/ They are useful for diapers and other times. I have a bad habit of letting them expire.

  • couldn’t agree more. i don’t mind being called frugal or cheap (or spending a bit of time coupon cutting and flyer prowling) if it means i buy household staples for much less, and give my family the opportunity to do the things we love.

  • That is awesome, so good to teach your kids to be frugal. And I can’t wait to go get pedis and manis with my daughter

  • I’m completely frugal too but I’ve learned that it’s important to treat myself sometimes. For me, I love buying fresh flowers to have in the house. It’s an indulgence but I feel so good from it that I know it’s important.

  • I am going to admit that I have never had a pedi or worn nail polish, or had any kind of beauty treatment.

  • im totally a coupon saver Im going to have to take a picture and post on your fb page m coupon organizer at home, “free” is my favortie 4 letter “F” word. I do have a momentum visa and we have enjoyed the money back on our purchases.

  • Awwww….I can’t wait till my lil girls are old enough to have outings like that….but having never been for a pedicure…it would be a new experience for both of us! 😉

  • Love treating myself to things. I haven’t gotten a manicure or pedicure or even haircut for a while, but part of that is just procrastinating. I do earn some extra money every month by doing my website, and I use that to treat myself to things like movies, tv series or even nail polish, etc. Maybe I need to take a salon day soon.

  • Sounds like a wonderful experience for the two of you – well worth the splurge. It’s things like this that make memories.

  • My daughter is only 14 months so a little too young for pedicures yet but I can’t wait for that time to come!

  • Nice post, being frugal is becoming a way of life for many but I think that is good because it does allow you to “splurge” every now and then and it makes those times special

  • I take my daughter for pedi’s to! Such a great bonding experience. Save the money somewhere else. Us mom’s deserve to be pampered once in a while

  • I try to be frugal by using the food in my fridge/freezer/pantry. I dislike having to throw out food on a weekly basis.

  • Aww that’s sweet. Bonding time is always priceless. I’ve recently started couponing, so am always keeping an eye on sales and happy to spend the savings on the rare splurg on an adorable dress

  • $50 at the salon for a manicure & pedicure…Bliss Spa is where I go for a Spa feel good day….3 x as much but it is such a nicer setting.

  • When ever I can I use coupons and FPC’s. It helps me to have some extra money left for movie night with my kids.

  • it’s great to be frugal but also it’s nice to splurge treat yourself once in a while. bonding with your daughter…that’s priceless!

  • It’s important to teach young ones how to be frugal, but that it doesn’t have negative connotations.

  • i need to do a little more to keep the spending down so that i can take my girls for mommy/ daughter time

  • Its only reasonable to be frugal! I choke everytime I see somone buy something that ‘s not on sale or that there are coupons for etc. I just can’t imagine why or how someone can pay full price for things 🙁 Plus you dont feel so bad indulging when you snag a great deal!

  • Pedicures are definitely something my daughter and I will be doing together…or mani’s we’ll see lol When I first started using coupons I used to get really flustered at those people that would come behind your cart full of stuff and see your coupon stack in your hands. The dirty looks and remarks I get from people we just rude and uncalled for, and I truly believe that if they understood how much money our family was saving by spending a bit of extra time doing these things, they’d be doing the same thing lol I’ve since learned to shake that off because I realize how helpful this whole couponing, and waiting for sales can be. I love being frugal!!

  • Once I can afford to start buying (the one I’m really interested in is Scotch Brand) natural and harmless nailpolishes I will get back into mani’s and pedi’s. But until them I am staying away from polishes. Oooo, maybe you could do a review on Scotch Brand!

  • It is great that you and your daughter share a bonding experience over pedicures, it is something you can always do together and make sweet memories. I bond with my sons at the driving range, we have a blast and go for hotdogs and fries after.

  • This is a great message — it really highlights the different, I think, between being frugal and cheap. Being frugal does not mean that you skimp on the important things in life.

  • I think being frugal means being careful with our money, doesn’t mean cheap like some people think. By saving money on somethings I can have a few treats for myself and the family.