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Why Disneyland Now? Because Life Happens While You’re Waiting.

Disneyland Princess Character LunchUp until about 13 months ago, I was anxious and afraid of the idea of traveling with my three kids. Sure, I went on several solo trips as a mommy-blogger and each time I’d sit in the airport watching families ready to go on some amazing adventure together. and feel a pang of guilt at the fact that our family hadn’t done anything like that.

Surely traveling with kids is a big undertaking. It would involve a lot of planning (not to mention the expense) and wouldn’t it just make sense if we waited to travel until they were older?

Stop right there, Mama. Not only has our family survived three vacations in the past year – sanity in tact – we’ve also created some amazing life-long memories that I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world. In fact, I can’t wait for our next vacation and the adventure it will bring us.

It’s time to put an end to the “We’ll travel when they’re older” type of thinking. Because life happens while you’re waiting. School. Sports. Jobs.

It’s difficult to describe the moment I witnessed, just over a year ago, when my four-year-old little girl saw Sleeping Beauty for the first time at Disneyland in California. Her eyes were wide, full of wonderment and her voice was soft with reverence because a princess was there right before her eyes. I can’t imagine all the things going through her head but what came out was a breathless, “You’re Sleeping Beauty!” In that moment, it simply did not matter what the vacation cost us, how much time off we had to take and how tired our flights made us.

In that moment, it was all about creating a memory, fulfilling a life-long (for a four-year-old!) fantasy, and watching my little girl meet someone she considered unreachable.

Of course, there were many other moments that stand out in my mind from that first trip to Disneyland – my son dancing on the pier at California Adventure to the live soundtrack of High School Musical (my cell phone captured the video – oh how I will love this when he is 18!), my youngest, then just eight-months-old, grabbing Pluto’s nose at a Character Breakfast, and my husband and I watching the fireworks over Cinderella’s Castle while holding hands like when we dated.

This isn’t to say that you can’t make memories in your own backyard and we most certainly do. I love the beach in the summer. I love visiting the beautiful natural wonders in my own province and I have countless photos of my children’s silhouettes against the backdrop of a prairie sunset.

A visit to a Disney Park is something beyond the beauty in our own backyard. It’s the stuff of magic, wonderment and a photo album full of memories. Our visit captured our family as we were in December 2011: a seven –year-old boy dancing on the pier, a four-year-old girl gasping at a princess, an eight-month-old baby pinching Pluto’s nose, and mom and dad having a tender moment in the chaos that is a family vacation. Life happens when you’re not looking, and I’m so glad we took a moment to pause and create those memories.

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  • Love this! I’m always trying to tell my husband that we need to travel more instead of always saying “next year” or “when he’s older”. We had a really stressful trip to New York last August and my little guy ended up being taken by ambulance to the hospital. I think that left us all feeling like travel should be postponed until he’s older. Now that I’ve had more time to think about it, I realize that I can’t be afraid forever and although we had one unfortunate experience on a trip, we could be missing out on some fabulous trips while we stayed at home and worried. I’m happy to report that we just took a successful trip to Phoenix and we look forward to our next trip soon. 🙂

  • We’ve been on 4 trips with our son, who will be 2 soon. It’s true that takes a lot of planning and prep. I was so sure that I enough diapers this Christmas in Mexico and then he got diarrhea on the flight home and the only diapers I could find at the airport were size 3 (and he’s a size 6), luckily they did the trick!

  • Oh, how I wish I could afford to take my family….It looks like such a fabulous time and my kids would flip out!

  • This is so true! My son and DIL have taken my grand-daughters on a Disney Cruise and plan another this Spring. Yes they are a young family,but when else will they do it??? When they achieve “financial security”??? After the girls are grown??? No..they had a blast. Those other things will happen but this time…right now…is zooming by in a hurry.

  • We went their 2 times many years ago,and I’ve told my husband many times I’d love to go back!! My husband is such a pappa and not want to go anywhere. Maybe for our next Anniversary!!

  • We really need to plan our first trip to Disneyworld with the kids soon! We have been talking about it, and I just can’t wait to go!

  • We went last year when my kids were 5,3,1, and it was amazing. I love the magic there. We visited in December when everything was Christmas-y, and I thought it was extra special that way. Can’t wait to go again soon!

  • As soon as my little girl is a little older, we will get there for sure. I was there when I was a kid and it was a blast.

  • Your story about your daughter and Sleeping Beauty is perfect. Exactly like when mine met Snow White! Disneyland is perfect for any age. I saw a great graph on how to save money for a trip that starts with saving $1 for week one, $2 for week and so on. You’ll have a nice little savings by the time you’re ready to go somewhere.

  • Each Disney post is making me want to take my little girl to Disneyland…I sure hope I can achieve that someday…I know her eyes would light up meeting Sleeping Beauty 🙂 It is definately a dream come true for little girls.

  • Your daughter is adorable. My daughters are now in high school, so yes I know what you mean when you say time flies! I feels as though it were only yesterday they were little girls running around on the playground. Things change and kids will eventually grow up so appreciate the time you have!

  • I love Disneyland! I’ve been there more time than I can count and many of my best memories took place there.

  • Very envious, I tried for years to get my hubby to take us but timing and money it never happened.

  • I’ve never been there myself, neither have my daughters. Would love the chance to take them some day soon!!

  • As soon as our house is baby free (as in when our youngest is 2 or 3) we are going to go. My hubby has never been on a roller coaster! We do lots of fmily travel though. Now is always the time 😀

  • The picture at the top of your daughter…a memory to keep! She looks so happy. Enjoy your adventures…time does go by quickly. Sara moved out of our home last May and I seem to be feeling a little lost.

  • I remember my Disneyland trip as a 6 year old, and I can’t wait to take my family! I have been waiting for my girls to be old enough to remember the trip, but I appreciate the reminder to seize the moment.

  • Our kids really do grow so fast. There are so many memories to be made in Disney. I can’t wait to take my kids!

  • The Children’s Wish Foundation sent me to DisneyLand when I was 6 years old. 20 years later, I still remember every breathtaking moment. You’re right! Memories mean the world sometimes.

  • My girls are asking me all the time if we can take a trip to Disney so I am going to try to set up a “Disney Fund” this year to start saving for a trip.

  • I never travelled as a kid and was sad about it. Thankfully as I was a teen we started travelling more. When I have kids, I plan on travelling at almost every chance we get.

  • My favourite memories as a kid involve going to Disneyland…I’ve been 5 times, most recently on a whim when I was 25, I went with a girlfriend! We had a blast. I can’t wait until my son is just a little bit older so that I can take him and continue the family tradition.

  • I can’t wait to be able to take my DD’s to Disney, my 6 year old would love to go. Wanted to wait a little until my 9 month old is able to remember and enjoy the trip as much, since it may be the only time we are able to take them.

  • I love Disney. My parents took me, and once I became a mother, we took our daughter. It’s wonderful seeing Disney through the eyes of a child. Both experiences were unique.

  • When I lost a baby at 25 weeks right before Christmas, my best friend bought us (then a family of four) tickets to Disneyland….I don’t think I have words to express how much that meant.
    On the first day when our little girl became a princess and our boy a jedi impressed the importance of magic upon us and we just filled our hearts with the fun.
    That was in 2006 and we haven’t been back. We don’t have that kind of money. But one of these days we will get to share the magic with our 3 year old.
    Thanks to Disney PR in 2011 asked if my family if we wanted to sail on the first trip to Alaska from Vancouver…….Again an amazing opportunity for my family. Disney holidays help families remember what is important.

  • We lived in Florida for 7 years and went to Disney a lot, in 2011 we moved back to NY and financially will not be going back anytime soon. I miss it and have so many happy memories, I cannot wait to go back with our expanded family!

  • I still remember going as a child, it really is magical. Now my 4 yr old tells me she needs to go there everytime she sees a commercial. Cant wait to be able to take the kids

  • VERY much a place I think every parent should take their kids if possible! I have such fond memories of going there as a child wth my family – and have heard the same from friends who have gone!

  • If possible everyone should go to Disneyland at least once and what better time than when the kids are still young enough to really get into the spirit of the place. It is so much fun and every moment is magical, especially seeing it through the eyes of a child.

  • my son & daughter in law took our 4 year old grandson at halloween time…he just loved it & they trick or treated down main street and they got to wear thir costumes…he had a blast!

  • I’ve been all over the world but never to Disney… Hopefully one day I can convince my husband to take me! 🙂