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Sharing My Little Space

Oh the fun of working from home!  My friends sometimes ask how I have the ability to get as much work done on my blog and company as I do (clearly, people, I neglect my kids all day long.)  The truth is that it’s not easy and often times I’m switching from changing a dirty diaper to speaking on the phone with a rep about a project, then referreeing a fight between the kids all in a matter of minutes, and sometimes all at once.  On the days my shift-working husband was home, he would tell me to go into a room and close the door to work.  The thing was, I had no such room that was a comfortable working space since sitting on our bed with my laptop wasn’t going to cut it.

In May we finally finished the renovations on our basement spare room and I now have a room, or a corner of it at least, to call my own!

We put in flooring and then painted the walls a beautiful blue color, then accented it with white baseboards and window trim.  My desk is perfect for my laptop, phone and notepad and of course there’s a printer nearby!

The printer you see there is my new HP Photosmart 6510 e-All-in-One Printer!

Some of my favorite features of this printer include a 3.5″ touch screen, two-sided printing, templates for calendars and more from HP Quick Forms, wireless printing (which I love love love!) and the ability to even print from my iPhone or iPad with AirPrint™.

I always whine for ask my husband to hook up new electronics while I watch (otherwise there’s the risk of things being thrown!)  This printer install was super-easy because of the touch-screen and on-screen displays.  Unsure how to install the ink cartridges?  One touch gives you an on-screen demonstration video on how exactly to do it!  Setting up the wireless was easy too with easy to follow instructions and touch-screen ease.

I often have to print, sign, scan and email documents and this printer makes the entire process quick and easy too.  Oh, and it prints photos beautifully!  Really, I can’t find anything not to rave about with this printer – I’m quite happy in my little space!


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