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Ready, Set, Build! With Modular Construction Sets

When my son was into those wooden train sets, we had a bit of a problem.  Not to be contained by the limitations of a train table, he would build his tracks all around our living room.  It served his purpose at the time, but we were constantly stepping over the tracks left on the floor when he wandered away to another task.

That’s the idea behind Modular Construction Sets – what about, instead of building car tracks across the floor, you built them UP?  Brilliant idea when you think about how boys generally like building blocks and cars – this puts two favorites together in one colorful package.

We were sent the Modular Mates HighWay Construction Set (HighWay, get it?) to review and my son (8) was thrilled to jump into building the set one afternoon a few days ago.  The recommended age on the set says 5+ on the box and Toys R Us where you can purchase the set in stores and online suggests it’s best for 5-7 year olds.

Elijah took some quiet time to build the set himself, one of many different builds you can accomplish with the set, and had no trouble following the instructions.  However, once he had completed the build, he buzzed the cars around for a bit and lost interest.  He’s 8, remember.  My daughter (4) was unable to build this set on her own yet she is the one most interested in it and couldn’t wait until the building was done and he brother wandered away – she jumped in playing with the cars and has returned to it several times over the past few days that we’ve had it.

Available at Toys R Us for $59.99 this set includes:
72 construction pieces
60 connectors
3 modular cars
Decorative stickers and accessories

So, my suggestion is that this set is best for children around age 5 as suggested by the manufacturer, with someone to help build it with them.  After age 7 or so, the set’s plastic cars and colorful design may not appeal to kids as much though the 3D building upwards design of it may keep them interested if they can take it apart and rebuild.

 One of my Canadian readers is going to win a Modular Road Builder Construction Kit (ARV $24.99)!

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