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Look, I have a beef about kids over the age of four being in a stroller.  My friends know this and rib me when their kids are in a stroller for whatever reason and that’s cool (thankfully my friendships are based on more than stroller-opinions!) but it’s just one of those pet peeves of mine.  Of course, there comes a time when you’re walking with your four year old and she has a complete breakdown because she is done done done.  Then what?

I anticipated this on our visit to Disneyland earlier this year and so, I brought along a stroller that had a foot-board attached so that she could “ride” on the back while we pushed our toddler around without me eating every word I spit out about my pet peeve!  The thing is, the stroller itself wasn’t great – it wasn’t good on bumpy surfaces (like my Mountain Buggy) and it didn’t have a large amount of storage space underneath (like my Mountain Buggy).  We had to give up some things for advantages with others.

When I was looking for foot boards to add to my stroller, the price made me decide against it – it’s a small attachment for a lot of money.

Then, I discovered the freerider by Mountain Buggy and everything came together in one magnificent package.

The freerider (winner of several awards already) is a scooter for little ones that also happens to be a stroller attachment giving kids the ability to either ride on their own, or ride along!

My four year old had been eying up her big brother’s scooter for awhile, so when I told her that we had received one from phil&teds for review, she was so excited!  We let her ride around on her new freerider scooter for awhile first before showing her how it could be attached to the stroller so she could coast to the park and back.

She loves the freerider on the stroller but for the most part it stays unattached and she buzzes around on the freerider on her own.  You do have to take some extra care when walking with the freerider attached to your stroller – it isn’t horizontal across the back of the stroller like most step attachments so you have to be careful not to kick it when walking.

Compatibility:  The freerider isn’t just compatible with phil&teds strollers – there’s actually a list on the site of other brands of strollers that the freerider will attach to on the phil&teds site.

Availability: In Canada, you can purchase the freerider at for $99.99.

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